An African family with two thought bubbles above them. One says: "Do I let my children take the COVID-19 vaccine?" and the other says: "DO I take the COVID-19 vaccine?" Surrounding them are five more bubbles. From left to right: "Are children likely to get infected from COVID-19 or seriously ill if they do?", "Do I have the right information to decide?", "Do I trust the vaccine works and is safe for children?", "What are the people I care about saying or doing?", "Can we get the vaccine easily?"

Designing Social and Behavior Change Solutions to Support Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake: A Technical Brief

As countries continue to expand eligibility for COVID-19 vaccination, programs will benefit from considering how efforts to encourage pediatric vaccine uptake may differ from supporting uptake in the broader population. This brief guides practitioners and policymakers through applying a behavioral design approach to developing tailored social and behavior change solutions.


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