Radio spots promoting vaccination during AFCON Cameroon

These two radio spots are to promote routine immunization and the COVID-19 vaccine during AFCON 2023, featuring well known sportscasters. They aim to inspire men to ensure that their families and loved ones have all the vaccines they need.  The radio spots are part of an overall campaign which includes TV spots, radio spots, community activity guides and social media guides. The campaign is in 5 languages (English, French, Swahili, Pidgin and Portuguese.) and was developed by Breakthrough ACTION

Radio Spot 1

Radio Spot 2

These spots are also available for Cameroon in French

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Digital and Community Influencers Drive COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Targeted South African Populations

Project Last Mile is working with South Africa’s National Department of Health (NDoH) to test influencer-led approaches, which have proven to reach and motivate targeted segments with low vaccine uptake.

Since August 2021, Project Last Mile has worked with the NDoH in South Africa to improve uptake of COVID-19 vaccines.

Source: Digital and Community Influencers Drive COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake in Targeted South African Populations

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    Designing Social and Behavior Change Solutions to Support Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake: A Technical Brief

    As countries continue to expand eligibility for COVID-19 vaccination, programs will benefit from considering how efforts to encourage pediatric vaccine uptake may differ from supporting uptake in the broader population. This brief guides practitioners and policymakers through applying a behavioral design approach to developing tailored social and behavior change solutions.


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    SIAP Radio Campaign – Adlibs Template

    Adlibs for Radio Campaign – SIAP Campaign tools.

    Source: SIAP Radio Campaign – Adlibs Template

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      COVID-19 communication campaign IEC/BCC/SBCC material qualitative summary report

      This report reflects perceptions, messages and activities at a time when India was braving the first and second wave of the pandemic.

      Source: COVID-19 communication campaign IEC/BCC/SBCC material qualitative summary report

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        Lembar Balik COVID-19 (Community Engagement Kit)

        This flipchart is a tool intended for Facilitators to help provide information, education, and advice regarding COVID-19 vaccination especially the elderly (elderly) and the general population who have not completed their vaccination dose. Facilitators can include health workers, Family Planning Extension Officers/Family Planning Field Officers, community social assistants; also community leaders, volunteers, and vaccination education teams who deal directly with audience groups.
        The flipchart is designed to make the facilitators to carry out group communication and dialogue more directly and easier, accompanied by illustrations and pictures that help make it easier for the audience to understand the message.

        Source: Lembar Balik COVID-19 (Community Engagement Kit)

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          On the Fence About COVID-19 Vaccines?

          This is an infosheet touching on key topics of concern regarding COVID-19 vaccination. It addresses core components of hesitation, fears, and misunderstandings. Target audiences for this infographic are rural communities, those on the fence or undecided about vaccination, and adults with multiple comorbidities.

          Source: On the Fence About COVID-19 Vaccines?

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            Guide Book: Campaign – Community Involvement and the Important Message of COVID-19 Vaccination for the Elderly

            In general, this book aims to provide implementation guidance to accelerate access for elderly to COVID-19 vaccination, through Communications Campaign and Community involvement activity. This book specifically aims to:

            1. Be a guide for preparing campaign and community involvement plans for COVID-19 Program manager, communications manager and other related stakeholder that contribute to increase the outreach of messages for elderly COVID-19 vaccination.
            2. Coordinate important messages on COVID-19 vaccinations for the elderly as well COVID-19 preventive behavior.
            3. Simplification of vaccination messages to encourage the elderly to participate in COVID-19 vaccination program.


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              Poster campaign on vaccines for vulnerable populations

              The COVID-19 pandemic rages on and even with vaccines being rolled out for nearly a year now, there are still plenty of individuals and communities who haven’t taken up the option, either due to lack of availability, skepticism or poor understanding due to misinformation.

              To emphasize the importance of getting vaccinated, and encourage those who have yet to be immunized to do so, social art and design lab Amplifier has made available to street papers a series of posters which highlight the collective benefits of receiving the vaccine.

              Source: Poster campaign on vaccines for vulnerable populations

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