Follow Who Know Road Film and Spots Focusing on Vaccinating Against COVID-19 and Routine Immunization for Children

These are Follow Who Know Road short films and TV spots that explain the importance of vaccinating against COVID-19 and routine immunization for children.

Breakthrough ACTION promotes routine immunization and adult vaccination messages using film and other multimedia channels in Nigeria.

Short Film – The Follow Who Know Road short film explains the importance of vaccinating against COVID-19 and routine immunization for children.

Spot 1 – In this spot, Madam Naija and Oga Landlord remind Papa Favor that vaccination helps prevent diphtheria.

Spot 2 – In this spot, Madam Naija emphasizes that there are vaccines for children and adults, and vaccination should happen at various stages of life.

Spot 3 – In this spot, Oga Landlord and Amariya discuss the safety of vaccines (like COVID-19 and tetanus) for pregnant women and their unborn children.

Spot 4 – In this spot, Oga Landlord is informed that his daughter, Fatima, has tetanus, a disease that could have been prevented if she had been vaccinated.

Spot 5 – In this spot, Big Joe and Fifi visit Oga Landlord, whose daughter Fatima could have prevented a tetanus infection if she had been vaccinated on time.

Spot 6 – In this spot, Oga Landlord is now a champion for vaccination across all ages to prevent all vaccine-preventable diseases.

This is the second phase of the successful initial Follow Who Know Road Campaign that focused on vaccination only. 

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CCP Campaign Helps Increase COVID Vaccination Rates in Nigeria

Blog post on how an SBC campaign helped increase COVID-19 vaccination rates in Nigeria.  Since CCP-led Breakthrough ACTION began a COVID-19 vaccination awareness campaign in Nigeria, vaccination rates have increased by 75 percent.

Click here.


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E Get Why TV Spots

“E Get Why” (There is a Reason) TV spots explain the importance of vaccinating against COVID-19 and taking preventive steps like washing your hands and testing when you are sick.

Breakthrough ACTION promotes complete COVID-19 vaccination messages using multimedia channels in Nigeria.

The spots are available in English, Pidgin, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

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The re-emergence of Ebola made the response to COVID-19 more complex and required an integrated response.  This is a report of knowledge, attitudes and practices with a focus on Ebola, but also with implications for COVID-19 response.  For successful intervention, it is essential to have an up-to-date understanding of the context-specific knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, intentions, and norms that precede and promote behaviors that take into account both COVID-19 and Ebola. The report shares results related to symptom recognition, care seeking and vaccine acceptance.  In Côte d’Ivoire, Breakthrough ACTION supports the government through a technical working group  for Ebola virus disease prevention preparedness and response.

For Ebola Knowledge Attitudes Practices Survey, click here

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Three Waves of Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practice Surveys About COVID-19 Vaccination in Côte d’Ivoire

These three waves of  Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (KAP) surveys were carried out to understand the factors linked to the intention to be vaccinated against COVID-19.  The surveys were conducted as part of the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Breakthrough ACTION project support to the State of Côte d’Ivoire in the fight against COVID-19.

Wave 1 (November 2021) is here

Wave 2 (February 2022) is here

Wave 3 (November 2022) is here


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Win the Match Against Malaria

The 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (CAN) offers a unique opportunity to reach millions of people across the continent as everyone tunes in to watch the matches and follow the teams.

Breakthrough ACTION Côte d’Ivoire has designed a multimedia campaign to encourage the adoption of good behaviors to avoid malaria. This campaign, which saw the participation of international football star Didier Drogba, focused on the use of healthcare, LLIN, etc.

Slogan: Let’s win the game against malaria.

Youtube playlist here

Poster here

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COVID-19 Brochure – ‘Sleeves up’

This brochure was created to support the “Sleeves Up” campaign and is intended to be used as a resource by parents/guardians and healthcare workers to highlight common questions surrounding COVID-19 Vaccination. It also highlights the vaccination locations within the regions.

Source: Sleeves Up Campaign – COVID-19 Brochure

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FAQs about COVID-19 vaccination – “Sleeves Up” Campaign

This set of FAQs was developed by Breakthrough ACTION Guyana with support from the MOH to support the “Sleeves Up” campaign. It is intended for use as a tool by Healthcare workers to address concerns from patients.

Source: FAQs About COVID-19 Vaccination – “Sleeves Up”

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Resources for integrating COVID-19 vaccination into the Expanded Vaccination Program (EPI) in MALI

After the WHO’s declaration on May 5, 2023, stating that COVID-19 is no longer a public health emergency of international concern, Mali, through the Ministry of Health and Social Development, recommended in its letter No. 00001199/MSDS-CAB dated May 18, 2023, that its competent services ensure the integration of COVID-19 vaccination into routine activities.

These posters, pamphlets, and audio spots were developed by USAID, in collaboration with the National Center for Health Information, Education, and Communication(CNIECS), as part of this integration, with generous support from the American people through the Breakthrough ACTION/Mali project of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs in Baltimore.

Source: Resources for integrating COVID-19 vaccination into the Expanded Vaccination Program


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Radio spot promoting Guyana “Sleeves Up” campaign

This radio spot were developed by Breakthrough ACTION Guyana with support from the MOH to support the “Sleeves Up” campaign to promote vaccination.

Source: Radio Spot – Guyana “Sleeves Up” campaign

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