Poster – Social Distancing at Grocery Stores

In April 2020, the City of Portland (Oregon, USA) partnered with the Behavioral Insights Team to create a poster for grocery stores aimed at encouraging customers to keep a 6-feet distance from staff and each other.

The goal was to protect staff’s health and reduce stress by encouraging customers to keep the recommended safe distance to reduce spread of COVID-19.

We designed multiple variations of the poster and used rapid online testing to assess which text and visuals were most memorable and convincing.

The final poster – which used clear visuals of staff and customers staying 6-feet apart and simple text emphasizing customers’ duty to protect staff and one another – was left unbranded and made available for download for anyone to use (You can also edit the PDF file to change text or change “6 feet” to meters, etc.).

Source: Poster – Social Distancing at Grocery Stores