M50 (VÁLIDO) VACINA REFORÇO – aumento do aumento da imunidade por Neyma Nacimo

O poster incentiva a comunidade a tomar a vacina de reforço através do testemunho dos influenciadores digitais.

Source: M50 (VÁLIDO) VACINA REFORÇO – aumento do aumento da imunidade, por Neyma Nacimo

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    Relance Vaccination Kaffrine – Évènement pilot

    Le 22 juillet, le district de Kaffrine a effectué le lancement régional de la région de Kaffrine. La cérémonie a eu lieu à Nganda avec la participation d’une forte délégation de l’USAID Senegal. Pour l’occasion des supports comme des banderoles, des Kakémonos, des Tee-shirts, lacostes et casquette ont été produits et distribués.

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      Public Service Advertisement (PSA) Tactical 1 – Community

      The SIAP Campaign is entering the second phase of campaign, Tactical Phase.

      One of the products for the second phase of campaign is producing Public Service Advertisement (PSA).

      The 2nd PSA produced for the campaign targeting on communicating the COVID-19 vaccination messaging to Community.

      The PSA aiming to the community to complete their dose of vaccination.

      This 15 seconds version of PSA has been aired in National television throughout the second campaign periode from August – October 2022.

      SIAP stands for (Semangat dapat vaksinasi lengkap)

      Ready stands for (the spirit to complete dose of vaccination)

      Source: Public Service Advertisement (PSA) Tactical 1 – Community

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      EU COVAX Response

      Since the onset of the pandemic in Ethiopia, the SNNP region was one of the recipients of UNICEF’s response in terms of finance, logistics, and technical support both at the regional health bureau and woreda levels. This was made possible through the funding of The EU Humanitarian Aid fund for UNICEF to reach the vaccine-eligible population residing in the most vulnerable communities across Ethiopia with COVID-19 vaccines and transmit key messages on COVID-19 prevention.

      Source: EU COVAX Response

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        Video Choreography SIAP – General Population Version

        BA COVID-19 Project Indonesia developed a video choreography using Jingle from the campaign SIAP.

        This choreography is used for Community engagement activity/events to increase awareness on COVID-19 messaging that is conveyed through the jingle lyric and the choreography.

        The choreography made in two versions, first version for General Population, with energetic dance and for elderly which dance is adjusted for Elderly.

        Source: Video Choreography SIAP- General Population Version

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          SIAP Radio Campaign – Adlibs Template

          Adlibs for Radio Campaign – SIAP Campaign tools.

          Source: SIAP Radio Campaign – Adlibs Template

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          Video Advocacy “Together We Can Beat COVID-19”

          BA COVID-19 Project Indoneisa developed a short video that convey messages about the importance of strengthening local government commitment through a collaboration with multi stakeholder, aimed at reducing barriers and challenges on COVID-19 vaccination for elderly. This short video is expected to encourage the local government to look at the condition of the elderly in their respective areas and make efforts to accelerate the uptake of COVID-19 vaccination among elderly.

          The story revolves around a family who takes care of their elderly parents at home. The family is worried about their elderly parents who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19. Some of the doubts in their minds are that vaccination will actually worsen the health condition of the elderly, what if they get sick after the vaccination, why do the elderly need to be vaccinated, and many more. The family then consulted with cultural leaders, health workers, cadre, friends to talk about all the hesitancies and what should be done. After the consultation the family feel safe and confident to take their elderly parents to the vaccination centre (Puskesmas). Closing statement should be strong enough to encourage policy makers to take action on this matter “All leaders unite in call for elderly vaccination against COVID-19”.

          Source: Video Advocacy “Together We Can Beat COVID-19”

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