Esclarecimento 16. vacina COVID-19 apoiada por religiosos

“Esta nas nossas mãos” (“It’s in our hands”) COVID-19 Campaign

Since the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the WHO in 2020, the USAID-funded Breakthrough ACTION project has been supporting Mozambique’s Ministry of Health (MOH) with risk communication and community engagement activities to disseminate timely and appropriate COVID-19 prevention messages and, recently, to address vaccine hesitancy among the general population.

“Está nas nossas mãos” (It’s in our hands) was the first nationwide communication campaign undertaken by the Breakthrough ACTION and the Ministry of Health to raise public awareness, promote prevention and vaccination against COVID-19 in Mozambique  The campaign was largely supported by other implementation partners and local media.

The campaign is based on a series of animated video spots on COVID-19, using simple messages with a set of graceful, fun and popular cartoon characters developed locally, as a way to reverse audience fatigue, regain people’s attention and help reduce the fear caused by COVID-19.


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