Leon Seaton Jr. – Guyana National Swimmer: Message on COVID-19 in Guyana

This resource is a video message on COVID-19 booster doses. The message is from Leon Seaton Jr., a national swimmer from Guyana. The target audience is mainly youth.

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Protecting Families Through Routine Immunization: A Message from Dr. Miracle Ogbu

Dr. Miracle Ogbu is the Ebonyi State Emergency Routine Immunization Coordinating Committee (SERICC) Coordinator, and he urges us to protect ourselves and our children by ensuring we get immunized/vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria works with various stakeholders in Ebonyi State to improve immunization indices and protect families from vaccine-preventable diseases.

Source: Protecting Families Through Routine Immunization: A Message from Dr. Miracle Ogbu

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5 Inspiring Covid-19 Marketing Campaigns

Now that the Covid-19 storm has mostly raged itself out it can be hard to remember how much was changed during that time.

During periods of lockdown, consumer circumstances and buying habits changed and brands were forced to change their operational approach as well as their messaging in response. Many experts saw this as a time for companies to reassess their brand strategy – as we looked at in our podcast episode on insights into how brands were dealing with the pandemic.

Despite being a highly creative industry, marketing isn’t always as innovative or risk-averse as you might believe. Many brands opted to remain conservative when it came to their campaigns for fear of tarnishing their reputation. For many, the pandemic was a time to pivot, to reinvent, to inspire, and to offer a viable solution to what was a very pressing problem.

We have highlighted five noteworthy marketing campaigns from the Covid-19 era that you should know about.

Source: 5 Inspiring Covid-19 Marketing Campaigns

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Influencer and boxer Alcinda vaccine promotion video

Source: Influencer and boxer Alcinda vaccine promotion video

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Vaccine influencers video: Aires, Humberto, Wazimbo and Dany Ripanga

Digital influencers get vaccinated and appeal to the community over 18 years old to take the COVID-19 booster shot.

Source: Vaccine influencers video: Aires, Humberto, Wazimbo and Dany Ripanga

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COVID-19 Vaccine Testimonial: Pregnant Woman/Teacher

This video features a lactating mother, who is also a teacher, sharing her testimony to promote the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine and build trust and confidence for enhanced vaccine uptake among pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers.

Source: COVID-19 Vaccine Testimonial- Pregnant Woman/Teacher

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COTE D’IVOIRE: COVID-19 vaccine promotion materials

These materials originally produced in French, were developed by Breakthrough ACTION Cote d’Ivoire in conjunction with the ministry of Health and RCCE working group partners as part of a broader campaign to promote COVID-19 vaccination. While using the religious leaders, family, children, men and women pictures to deliver COVID-19 vaccination messages, we explored the theories of influence, social influence, reasoned action and planned behavior theory to address lack of knowledge, risk perception and practice.

The SBC materials include Spots, poster on the following topics:

  • All united, we will stop COVID-19
  • Half protected is not protected
  • Let’s vaccinate our children
  • Half-vaccinated is like half cut your hair
  • Full vaccinated is better protection


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COVID-19 Vaccine: What Parents Need to Know

This public service announcement focuses on informing parents about the vaccination campaign for 5-11 years old children in Bangladesh and how they can register their children for vaccination.

Source: COVID-19 Vaccine: What Parents Need to Know

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Project Batibot: Partnering with moms to talk about COVID-19 vaccines for children

Breakthrough ACTION Philippines partnered with three online communities for moms to prompt discussion around COVID-19 vaccines. BA and partners in the Philippines created social media posts and an online talk show that  addresses myths, misconceptions and misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. The talk show was hosted by a famous celebrity mom, together with medical experts and the three moms who lead the online communities. During the talk show, the medical experts talked about how vaccines work and why getting vaccinated is important especially for immunocompromised children. The participants of the show shared personal experiences when having their children vaccinated and the concerns of their fellow moms and discussed how to address those concerns.

Source: Project Batibot: Partnering with moms to talk about COVID-19 vaccines for children

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“KwentoSerye” – an online conversation with teens!

Breakthrough ACTION Philippines launches an online conversation program with teens called “KwentoSerye” (story series). This program aims to be a safe space for teens to talk about their health and well-being. The first two episodes that premiered on the I Choose #MalayaAkongMaging Facebook page focused on the teens’ experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. The conversations revolved around how teens felt during the lockdown and when the COVID-19 vaccines for them were finally available. The teens shared how the pandemic has affected their mental health as well. A mental health expert from InTouch Community Services was invited to share tips on how the teens can take care of their mental health. 

Check out our episodes on COVID-19 lockdown and vaccination!

Source: “KwentoSerye” – an online conversation with teens!

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