Let’s Talk Vaccines

Internews will be launching Let’s Talk Vaccines, an e-learning course for journalists. It’s a comprehensive online course for self-study through the various facets of the vaccine story: the science, equitable access, the logistics of rollout and the concerns that get in the way of confidence in vaccines. The course is an interactive online experience which shows journalists how to be self-reliant in keeping up with the fast-moving science and social dimensions of the vaccine story. And, it’s also a repository of knowledge and story ideas.

COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Webinar Series : The role & impact of faith actors in overcoming barriers to COVID-19 vaccination

WHO, UNICEF and Religions for Peace are pleased to invite you to the second webinar in the series. This webinar will explore some of the challenges and barriers to vaccine uptake within a faith context and highlight examples from different faith traditions where faith actors have led on global and national action to promote COVID-19 vaccine uptake and overcome vaccine hesitancy.

Investing in Global Maternal & Child Health and Nutrition

This multi-sector virtual roundtable, co-hosted by FAO North America and the Alliance to End Hunger, is a critical opportunity for the global food security and nutrition community to highlight why investing in maternal and child nutrition is critical to reaching SDG2 and to discuss why now is the time for the world to make a bold commitment towards ending malnutrition.

Sex and gender considerations in COVID-19 vaccines: data, policy, and communication

This webinar will raise awareness of sex and gender dimensions in COVID-19 vaccines, and its considerations in policy decision-making, and science communication for the public, explore the path to ‘do better’ in addressing the sex and gender dimensions in vaccine and pharmaceutical R&D, policy-making and science communication process, and more.

Vaccine Confidence Live: The Role of Media and Communications in Building COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence

After the rapid development of the COVID-19 vaccines and subsequent rollout, there has been an infodemic of misinformation circulating about COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy, reducing public trust in getting vaccinated. The media and other communications companies play a critical role in providing vital health information to global audiences.

Panelists for this episode will discuss their organization’s strategies for increasing COVID-19 vaccine confidence and combatting misinformation through mass media channels.

WHO global conference on communicating science during health emergencies

Join us for the public closing plenary on 25 June and engage with our speakers sharing innovative science communication concepts. The session will feature 5 keynote presentations illustrating how the science behind the COVID-19 pandemic can be made relevant and accessible to all. A panel discussion will report back on the insights of the thematic discussions held over the past three weeks.

COVID-19 Vaccines for Marginalized Populations: Risk Communication and Community Engagement

Featuring stakeholders from select countries, this webinar will focus on local approaches to COVID-19 vaccine access and acceptance among hard-to-reach indigenous populations and refugees. It is organized by UNHCR, IFRC, UNICEF, IOM, and the READY Initiative as part of an RCCE Collective Service webinar series. The webinar is designed around the launch of the Risk […]