COVID-19 Vaccination Training Compendium

This website provides health departments and their staff with training resources and expert guidance to effectively communicate about COVID-19 disease and vaccination to partners, other health jurisdictions, and members of the public.

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    COVID-19 Digital Classroom Courses

    The COVID-19 course series is part of the COVID-19 Digital Classroom initiative. These courses are primarily designed for community-based health workers who practice in low- and middle-income countries. It covers a range of topics on COVID-19, including basic information on the virus and how to mitigate its public health effects. The course is designed to synthesize the most important, high-level information on COVID-19 from a variety of well-respected resources in a practical way. Many of the resources are cited for your reference and include documents and guidelines from the World Health Organization, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the UN, and many other reliable sources. While community-based health workers are the primary audience for this course series, the topics covered are relevant for everyone involved in responding to this pandemic worldwide.

    It is important to note that while these courses provide a generalized overview of COVID-19 and information on how to contain the spread of the disease, they cannot account for everything, especially as we are still learning day-to-day about the virus and its impact on our health and society. Therefore, please use this course as a guide, and continue to familiarize yourself with your context, including your country’s public health guidelines, in order to best customize the content we cover here for you and your community’s specific needs.

    Source: COVID-19 Digital Classroom Courses

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    COVID-19 Facilitator Guide

    The Breakthrough ACTION Guyana COVID-19 Facilitator Guide is a set of cue cards that are used by community facilitators to conduct community meetings or one on one sessions with community members.

    The guide contains simple and important information about COVID-19 and helps the community facilitator in providing accurate information to the community.

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      COVID-19 Contact Tracing Online Course

      The COVID-19 crisis has created an unprecedented need for contact tracing across the country, requiring thousands of people to learn key skills quickly. The job qualifications for contact tracing positions differ throughout the country and the world, with some new positions open to individuals with a high school diploma or equivalent.

      In this introductory course, students will learn about the science of SARS-CoV-2 , including the infectious period, the clinical presentation of COVID-19, and the evidence for how SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted from person-to-person and why contact tracing can be such an effective public health intervention. Students will learn about how contact tracing is done, including how to build rapport with cases, identify their contacts, and support both cases and their contacts to stop transmission in their communities.

      The course will also cover several important ethical considerations around contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine. Finally, the course will identify some of the most common barriers to contact tracing efforts — along with strategies to overcome them.

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        COVID-19 Training of Trainers Curriculum

        This is a training curriculum developed for Breakthrough ACTION Guyana Regional Support Coordinators to appropriately recruit and train Community Volunteer Facilitators to disseminate messages within their communities.

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          COVID-19 Guide for Community Health Workers

          Community health workers (CHWs) serve as a very important direct link between patients, communities and health services. As trusted on-the-ground support to community members, they therefore expand access to essential healthcare information as well as available treatment and prevention programmes.

          This course book provides appropriate, cost-effective, and sustainable targeted learning for the large numbers of emerging community health workers in South Africa.

          This online book includes these chapters:

          1. Introduction to COVID-19
          2. Diagnosing and managing COVID-19
          3. How to prevent the spread of COVID-19
          4. Protecting yourself from COVID-19

          ​​​​​​These chapters have been successfully used as part of the Skills to Care learning programme for the Lukhanji Municipality and Sarah Baartman District Municipality in the Eastern Cape, funded by the Small Projects Foundation.

          Source: COVID-19 Guide for Community Health Workers

            Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic Insights from Johns Hopkins University Experts

            This is a free, publicly available course entitled Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic: Insights from Johns Hopkins University Experts. This course is set up as a series of short modules to explore the COVID-19 pandemic. Registration is not required. The modules build on each other. The course begins with a discussion of the virus that causes COVID-19 and works its way to the pandemic’s broader implications for society.

            This course features original content that was created after the imposition of social distancing measures.

            Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

            • Describe characteristics of the COVID-19 virus, including how it is diagnosed and treated
            • Understand the development of the COVID-19 pandemic, and emerging trends throughout the world
            • Discuss societal challenges raised by COVID-19 and opportunities to address them

            Source: Understanding the COVID-19 Pandemic Insights from Johns Hopkins University Experts

              COVID-19 Online Training

              The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a series of courses and exercises to help educate the general public about the novel coronavirus.

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                Learning Resources to Support Staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic – and Beyond

       [], a signature program of the Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation, is an open online learning community built to empower humanitarians working in relief and development.

                In order to support the workforce of the non-profit sector and NGOs during the current pandemic, they have created a new collection of short, engaging resources grouped in easy-to-navigate playlists, with content from top training providers (such as the Konterra Group, EJ4 or for French-speakers Institut Bioforce) and health specialists (like WHO and CDC). These playlists offer content to help everyone work safely, and to promote infection prevention, preparedness, and well-being during this pandemic. The collection also includes resources to support remote workers and the creation of engaging webcasts and online presentations.

                All these resources are available in English and they have also a French playlist. Access is free and unlimited – just create an account on

                Below are landing pages for specific playlists:
                Coronavirus Playlist

                Working Remotely

                COVID-19 Playlist (for Health Care Workers)

                Hand Washing Techniques

                Source: Learning Resources to Support Staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic – and Beyond

                  Team Human Vs Team COVID

                  As a subscribed organization that uses football as the core component to reach out to the youth with health messages, development of football based comic booklets featuring team Covid-19 Vs Team Human is underway. The booklets will be distributed via door to door to the youth who participate in VAP’s youth programs as well as through their parents’ WhatsApp group. The print version will be supplemented by an electronic animation version to be watched at homes by the youth and the general public while learning about covid-19 and its preventive measures.

                  Source: Team Human Vs Team COVID

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