BIDA Kid in Muslim Communities

Breakthrough ACTION Philippines, in partnership with the Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education (MBHTE) and UNICEF, created an adaptation of the BIDA Kid print materials to better resonate with the Muslim communities in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). In this version, characters were added to represent community influencers and key decision-makers in the family. However, the message of encouraging the whole community to keep practicing key COVID-19 preventive behaviors remains the same.

Source: BIDA Kid in Muslim Communities

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BIDA Kid Booklet and Leaflet

Breakthrough ACTION Philippines developed a booklet for young, school-aged children. This booklet serves as a guide for young students on their safe return to school. It provides basic information about COVID-19 and key preventive behaviors they can practice at home, in school, and in community areas. The booklet also includes fun and engaging activities to help reinforce the key messages.

The booklet is accompanied by a leaflet for parents. The leaflet provides parents with helpful information on the steps to get their children vaccinated such as vaccination requirements, tips on how to prepare for their child’s vaccination, and information on what to expect before, during, and after vaccination.

Source: BIDA Kid Booklet and Leaflet

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USAID/Senegal COVID-19 Response – Lecture Pour Tous

USAID’s Lecture Pour Tous activity helped Senegalese children continue reading during school closures due to COVID-19. Reading programs were broadcast on radio and television. Reading clubs encouraged parents to read with their children, and distance training modules supported teachers’ professional development.

Source: USAID/Senegal COVID-19 Response – Lecture Pour Tous

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    Education during COVID-19

    Here’s how children in India are feeling about learning at home during COVID-19.

    Source: Education during COVID-19

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      How is COVID-19 affecting parents’ mental health

      Being a parent is a daily challenge and faced with the realities of COVID 19, social distancing and self-quarantine, it may be a struggle. For parents, the best way to help their children is to firstly take care of themselves.

      Self-care during these times is not selfish because it enables the caregivers to be there for their children as a stable, calm and soothing parent. This way, parents will also be able to better understand their children and help them feel reassured, relaxed and focused.

      Source: How is COVID-19 affecting parents’ mental health

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        COVID-19 Social Story and Activity Booklet (For Kids and Their Grown-Ups)

        This booklet includes an illustrated story and activities to help parents and guardians who are contemplating the COVID-19 vaccination for their child have a conversation with their child about the vaccine. The booklet was developed and designed for print availability in health care facility waiting rooms, and can be used in other settings.

        Source: COVID-19 Social Story and Activity Booklet (For Kids and Their Grown-Ups)

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          A COVID-19 ainda não acabou

          Cartaz dirigido a adolescentes e Jovens dentro da Escola incentiva os jovens a colaborar na prevenção da covid tanto na escola como em casa.

          Fonte: A COVID-19 ainda não acabou

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            Autocolante Aalunos

            Autocolante para os alunos colarem em seus cadernos. Os fara lembrar que a COVID-19 ainda não acabou! e como devem se prevenir.

            Fonte: Autocolante Aalunos

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              Spreading good vibes and vaccine confidence up to the last mile

              Get Vaxxed for Good Vibes is a USAID-supported campaign to help the Department of Health in the Philippines advance COVID prevention and vaccine confidence for at-risk populations in rural and semi-urban communities. Two years into the global pandemic, promoting minimum public health standards together with vaccine uptake helps communities recover and bounce back.

              Check out our Get Vaxxed for Good Vibes resources here

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