October 12, 2021

How wellness influencers are fueling the anti-vaccine movement


When the coronavirus vaccines started becoming available and millions of people turned to the Internet to find out more information, many found answers in the wellness groups and networks of influencers that were already a daily part of their social media diet.

And while large accounts specifically known for spreading anti-vaccine messages can be identified and taken down, it’s harder for TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook (which owns Instagram) to police tens of thousands of smaller accounts that might mix in one or two anti-vaccine messages among their normal wellness posts.

Behavioural nudges increase COVID-19 vaccinations


Enhancing vaccine uptake is a critical public health challenge. Overcoming vaccine hesitancy and failure to follow through on vaccination intentions requires effective communication strategies. Here we present two sequential randomized controlled trials to test the effect of behavioural interventions on the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 outbreak and healthcare worker behavioural change toward hand hygiene practices


This study used an automated hand hygiene recording system to measure HCW hand hygiene on entry to and exit from patient rooms throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The correlation between hand hygiene compliance and COVID-19 epidemiological data was analysed. Analysis of variance was performed to compare compliance rate during the different periods of the epidemic.

Change in Anti-COVID-19 Behavior and Prejudice against Minorities during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Longitudinal Evidence from Five European Countries


In a three-wave longitudinal study in five European countries from April to October 2020, the authors employed a latent change score model to distinguish between intra- and inter-individual changes in anti-COVID-19 behavior and prejudice.

Sustained behavior change is key to preventing and tackling future pandemics


Investment in research and programs to discover and apply the principles that underpin sustained behavior change is needed to address the continuing threat from COVID-19 and future pandemics and will require collaboration among behavioral, social, biomedical, public-health and clinical scientists.

Community acceptance of COVID-19 and demystifying stigma in a severely affected population in Ghana


The authors of this study conducted a cross-sectional study to assess stigma among the Tema community, then identified and implemented interventions to demystify COVID-19 stigma. They interviewed positive cases, their contacts, contact tracers, case management team members, and community members who shared their first hand experiences and knowledge on the current pandemic.

September 28, 2021

Integrating Gender into the COVID-19 Vaccine Response: A Technical Brief

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Many gender-related barriers impact immunization services, including access to, and uptake of, COVID- 19 vaccination. These barriers can include social norms; access to education; ability to make decisions and control resources; health provider attitudes, biases, and preferences; inequitable policies, laws, and regulations; and governance and stakeholder engagement. Failure to address these factors will impede achieving widespread vaccine uptake and greater community protection.

This technical brief focuses on recommendations to integrate gender perspectives in COVID-19 vaccine promotion efforts as part of the overall risk communication and community engagement (RCCE) response.

Malaria Social and Behavior Change during COVID-19

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Malaria SBC programs had to think afresh and re-strategize to tackle new limitations to reach audiences and convince them to change their behaviors to prevent and manage malaria. Malaria SBC workers increased their efforts while also closely following COVID-19 guidelines.

Raising faith in COVID-19 vaccines in Lesotho


A rapid survey, conducted in July by the World Health Organization (WHO) the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and other partners covering five of Lesotho’s 10 districts showed conspiracy theories may be driving up fear, confusion and reluctance to get vaccinated in this highly religious society.

With support from WHO and the Christian Council of Lesotho, the Ministry of Health is training religious leaders to spread life-saving facts on COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines.

Risk Communication and Community Engagement Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccines for Marginalized Populations

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This inter-agency guidance document aims to supplement the COVAX demand creation package for COVID-19 vaccines with key considerations for humanitarian contexts and marginalized populations with specific access and communication needs.

September 27, 2021

Integración del Género en la Respuesta a la Vacunación Contra la COVID-19: Informe Técnico

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Este informe técnico se centra en las recomendaciones para integrar la perspectiva de género en los esfuerzos de promoción de la vacunación contra la COVID-19 como parte de la respuesta general de comunicación de riesgos y participación comunitaria (CRPC).

Intégration du Genre Dans La Réponse Vaccinale au COVID-19 : Dossier Technique

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Ce dossier technique porte sur les recommandations visant à intégrer la dimension de genre dans les efforts de promotion du vaccin contre le COVID-19, dans le cadre de la réponse globale de communication des risques et d’engagement communautaire (CREC).

September 22, 2021

Guinea COVAX Video 1


Video spot promoting COVID-19 vaccination in Guinea, specifically for the elderly. The video is in French and three local languages.

September 16, 2021

“Esta nas nossas mãos” (“It’s in our hands”) COVID-19 Campaign


“Está nas nossas mãos” (It’s in our hands) was the first nationwide communication campaign undertaken by the Breakthrough ACTION and the Ministry of Health to raise public awareness, promote prevention and vaccination against COVID-19 in Mozambique The campaign was largely supported by other implementation partners and local media.

The campaign is based on a series of animated video spots on COVID-19, using simple messages with a set of graceful, fun and popular cartoon characters developed locally, as a way to reverse audience fatigue, regain people’s attention and help reduce the fear caused by COVID-19.

Liberia COVID-19 Social Media Images

SBC Materials

The following are social media graphics developed to help promote COVID-19 vaccines in Liberia. The graphics were made in under the Healthy Life brand and collaboration between Liberia Ministry of Health and Breakthrough ACTION Liberia, with funding from USAID.

COVID-19 Vaccine Liberia Fact Sheet

Fact SheetPrintSBC Materials

This fact sheet was developed for use by radio talkshow hosts, local leaders and politicians, and more. The fact sheet was meant to describe COVID-19 and the vaccine in simple terms to be used when working with communities to help generate awareness, dispel rumors and misinformation, and to answer questions.

COVID-19 Vaccine Healthy Life Liberia Skit

audioSBC Materials

This skit was made to highlight the introduction of COVID-19 vaccines in Liberia. The skit provides information about the vaccine benefits, specifications, priority groups, and locations it is being given. The skit was made as part of the Healthy Life brand and was made in collaboration with the Liberia Ministry of Health, Last Mile Health, and Breakthrough ACTION Libera, with funding by USAID.

COVID-19 Vaccination Liberia Posters

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These posters urge readers to take the COVID-19 vaccine at their first opportunity. These posters were created in collaboration with the Liberia Ministry of Health, Last Mile Health, and Breakthrough ACTION, and were funded by USAID.

Vaccines for Pregnant Women

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This video from Bangladesh states that pregnant women and lactating mothers will be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine without SMS (on walk-in basis) from the designated designated center.

September 15, 2021

COVAX Radio Spot 2


Audio message promoting COVID-19 vaccination in Guinea. The radio spots are in seven different languages.

COVAX Radio Spot


Audio message promoting COVID-19 vaccination in Guinea. The radio spots are in seven different languages.


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