SBC Resources for India and Nepal

This is a collection of social and behavior change (SBC) COVID-19 resources to assist policy makers, SBC and public health practitioners, journalists, response organizations, communities and the general public during the second wave of COVID-19 infections in India and Nepal. This collection covers multiple topics, including physical (social) distancing, mask wearing, hand washing, vaccine uptake, etc. Some of the resources are available in Indian regional languages and Nepali.

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The following resources have been recommended by a committee of SBC practitioners working together to help teams in India and Nepal.

SBC Resources for India and Nepal

August 16, 2022

Education during COVID-19



Here’s how children in India are feeling about learning at home during COVID-19.

August 15, 2022

How is COVID-19 affecting parents’ mental health



Being a parent is a daily challenge and faced with the realities of COVID 19, social distancing and self-quarantine, it may be a struggle. For parents, the best way to help their children is to firstly take care of themselves.

Self-care during these times is not selfish because it enables the caregivers to be there for their children as a stable, calm and soothing parent. This way, parents will also be able to better understand their children and help them feel reassured, relaxed and focused.

How Athishree coped with COVID-19



Athishree was scared, hesitant to even talk to her friends when she first tested positive for #coronavirus.

While in quarantine, she taught herself the importance of opening up about her experiences.

We all have to stay ready. Anthem to overcome COVID-19 ft. Amitabh Bachchan & Priyanka Chopra Jonas

SBC CampaignVideo


We all have to stay ready. Only together can we win against COVID-19.

How to breastfeed safely if you have COVID-19?



This video explains how a mother can safely breastfeed if she is suspected/confirmed to have COVID-19?

August 3, 2022

COVID-19 and Meta: Social and Behavioral Change Communication Learnings from 20 Countries

News and Updates

BangladeshBeninBurundiGuatemalaHaitiIndiaIraqMaliNigeriaPakistanPhilippinesSomaliaTogoUnited States

Throughout 2021, CARE launched 45 locally-led campaigns in 20 countries applying lessons learned during an eight-week training series with Meta. In the second half of 2021, participating countries built on their learnings from their first campaigns and attempted to answer new questions that arose all while creating culturally appropriate messaging to encourage the adoption of preventative behaviors and/or to build trust in the vaccine, even if it wasn’t yet available.

July 15, 2022

COVID-19 Communication Resources to reach vulnerable urban populations

TV spotsVideo


These resources were used by SNEHA (Society for Nutrition Education and Health Action) to educate people living in vulnerable urban informal settlements about COVID-19 Appropriate behaviour. These resources were used at a time when India was braving the first and second wave of the pandemic.

July 14, 2022

COVID-19 communication campaign IEC/BCC/SBCC material qualitative summary report

Reports and Studies


This report reflects perceptions, messages and activities at a time when India was braving the first and second wave of the pandemic.

March 28, 2022

Nepal Little Jab Book



Save the Children has launched the Nepal ‘Little Jab Book’ developed in collaboration with Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, and Common Thread. The playbook focuses on six key behavioral challenges which restricts vaccine uptake and presents contextual and hackable behavior change actions to strengthen vaccine uptake and confidence amongst parents, young people, and health workers in Nepal.

March 16, 2022

Risk Communications and Community Engagement (RCCE) manual: COVID-19 and vaccination

StrategiesTechnical BriefsToolkitTraining/Education


The manual consists of hackable actions to achieve desired social and behavior level change, which is to increase awareness on COVID-19 protective behavior and strengthen vaccine uptake by collaborating with communities via tried and tested multi-entry points.

Poster – Booster dose



This is a poster in Nepal explaining the importance of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine booster.

February 25, 2022

COVID-19 and vaccine SBCC materials web-series in Nepal



Save the Children in Nepal in partnership with National Health Education Information Communications Center (NHEICC) produced a web-series, ‘Sacchai Ho?’ (Its it for real?) to address rumors related to #COVID19 and vaccines. Utilizing an edutainment approach, the series aims to counter rumors and promote evidence-based information on COVID-19 and vaccines.

February 17, 2022

Nalamdana COVID-19 Vaccine – Episode 3

Radio/Audio SpotsVideo


Through a young couple’s arguments at a bus stop, this short video, in Entertainment-Education style, highlights the importance of getting vaccines, why a second dose is critical to bring your immunity to where your body can easily fight the virus, and why it is important to continue to wear masks, even if you are fully vaccinated. By countering popular misconceptions (from the young man), the young woman, and her educated bus stop companion model COVID-safe behavior.

February 2, 2022

Me Jababdar/I’m Responsible Campaign

InfographicsPostersSBC Campaign


The I’m Responsible Campaign includes posters, social media for the general public, women and pregnant women to reinforce key COVID-19 Prevention Behaviors implemented by Maharashtra State in India. The materials are in Hindi.

January 28, 2022

What does the “New Normal” look like for the community? – COVID-19



This video explains what the “New Normal” will look like in the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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