COVID-19 Vaccines Scripts: Baltimore City

This powerpoint presentation consists of scripts and comics developed by Baltimore City Health Department and Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs to encourage residents to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The topics covered include: side effects, vaccine safety, fertility, teen vaccination, pregnant client, and not being concerned about COVID-19.

Source: COVID-19 Vaccines Scripts: Baltimore City

    Beds inquiry for COVID-19 patients

    This is a website by Nepal’s health ministry that shows hospital bed and ICU availability for COVID-19 patients.

    Source: Beds inquiry for COVID-19 patients

      Encouragement for frontline workers

      These four videos encourage and thank frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.


        UNICEF COVID-19 SMS Messages for Community Health Workers

        This resource is designed to help COVID-19 community health workers build skills and strengthen their training by receiving tailored SMS messages, including notes and references from existing global COVID-19 specific resources and tools. Resources include those developed by UNICEF and other partners in communication networks dedicated to curating essential, evidence-based messages on the current pandemic for social and behavior change communication practitioners.

        Source: UNICEF Messages for COVID-19

          What is black fungus? And what are its symptoms?

          This video explains what black fungus is as well as its symptoms.

          Source: What is black fungus? And what are its symptoms?

            Guide to Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Services of Health

            The Coronavirus topic was included in the Guide for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Health Services of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance of Guatemala.

            To facilitate dissemination, a brochure and poster were produced. In addition, workshops were held with staff from the MOH and the municipalities of Nebaj, Chajul, Nebaj and Sacapulas in Quiché.

            Source: Guide to Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Services of Health

              COVID-19 Vaccination Training Compendium

              This website provides health departments and their staff with training resources and expert guidance to effectively communicate about COVID-19 disease and vaccination to partners, other health jurisdictions, and members of the public.

              Source: COVID-19 Vaccination Training Compendium

                RCCE Guide for Community Health Workers, Volunteers, and Social Mobilizers

                This Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) Guide serves as a guide for community health workers (CHWs), volunteers, and social mobilizers in communicating with people on COVID-19 and helping them protect themselves and others from the virus. This guide contains importance of community engagement during health crisis, how to talk to people in the community, how to protect yourself and others while on duty, and key messages that need to be conveyed to the community and to specific audience groups.

                Using the guide, Department of Health, in partnership with USAID Breakthrough ACTION, UNICEF, and WHO conducted RCCE online trainings via Zoom to CHWs, volunteers, and social mobilizers.


                  Critical Observations on and Suggested Ways Forward for Healthcare Communication during COVID-19: pEACH Position Paper

                  This is a position paper that presents observations relating to policy and practice in communication in healthcare related to COVID-19. The authors state that communication in healthcare and COVID-19 have a mutually influential relationship that is informed by policy and has influenced practice. The fast pace at which policies have been developed for and practice has adapted to COVID-19 necessitates critical reflection.

                  Evidence-based guidance for communication in healthcare in COVID-19 is central to shaping approaches to public health communication. Evidence-based guidance is also necessary for the challenges faced in communicating with patients, their families, and carers during COVID-19.

                  This paper provides a summary of the key areas for development in communication in healthcare during COVID-19. It offers recommendations for improvement and a call to review policies and practice to build resilience and inclusive and equitable responsiveness in communication in healthcare.

                  Source: Critical Observations on and Suggested Ways Forward for Healthcare Communication during COVID-19: pEACH Position Paper

                    COVID-19 Vaccination Communication Toolkit

                    This informational guide presents six strategies for immunization coordinators to build vaccine confidence within their health system or clinic.

                    It includes tangible actions to promote confidence, communication, and uptake of COVID-19 vaccine, which can help support confidence among providers and patients.

                    Source: COVID-19 Vaccination Communication Toolkit