Vira, the vaccine chatbot

Vira, the vaccine chatbot was created by the Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center and artificial intelligence (AI) researchers at IBM Research to reach people with simple answers to their common COVID-19 vaccine questions. Vira is adaptive, learning by listening to users’ questions and feedback to help scientists respond to emerging questions.

Vira was inspired by previous research that showed automated chatbots using AI can effectively communicate credible information and support health behavior changes. 

Vira can help health workers or anyone who seeks help fielding questions from family and friends about the COVID-19 vaccines. Check out Vira, a vax chatbot that’s here to help you and your loved ones make an informed decision.

Source: Vira, the vaccine chatbot

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UNICEF COVID-19 SMS Messages for Community Health Workers

This resource is designed to help COVID-19 community health workers build skills and strengthen their training by receiving tailored SMS messages, including notes and references from existing global COVID-19 specific resources and tools. Resources include those developed by UNICEF and other partners in communication networks dedicated to curating essential, evidence-based messages on the current pandemic for social and behavior change communication practitioners.

Source: UNICEF Messages for COVID-19

    The pandemic fatigue first aid kit

    Pandemic fatigue is real and spreading. Many people are losing the motivation to follow the recommended behaviours to protect themselves and others from COVID-19. This Community Engagement First Aid Kit will provide National Societies and volunteers with tips on how to revitalize their community engagement approaches to overcome pandemic fatigue.

    Source: The pandemic fatigue first aid kit

      Managing Misinformation in a Humanitarian Context

      Internews first developed rumor tracking methodology in 2014 in Liberia, in order to address the deadly Ebola outbreak. Since then, they have implemented rumor tracking as a way to address misinformation during humanitarian crises in numerous countries and contexts, reaching hundreds of thousands of beneficiaries.

      The rumor tracking methodology includes three parts: Context, Case Studies, and a How To Guide.

      Source: Managing Misinformation in a Humanitarian Context

        We Speak Your Language

        We Speak Your Language is an online resource providing up-to-date translations of Covid19-related information for the UK and Oxfordshire with the aim to help spread the official information to the linguistic minorities living in the UK. This resource is run by a volunteer team from the University of Oxford and translators from across the globe; we are supported by the Oxford City Council and Oxford Hub. As of May 2021, the resource includes six of the languages most spoken in Oxfordshire and is constantly expanding.

        Source: We Speak Your Language

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        COVID-19 Vaccine Introduction Toolkit

        The COVID-19 vaccine introduction toolbox equips all countries to prepare for and implement COVID-19 vaccination by providing guidance, tools, and training. This toolbox is intended to support Ministries of Health, health workers, partner organizations, and other stakeholders.

        Source: COVID-19 Vaccine Introduction Toolkit

          Checklist: How to Create Content About the COVID-19 Vaccine

          Creating content about the COVID-19 vaccines requires a deliberate, well-executed plan. As you begin developing vaccine content at your institution, use our step-by-step checklist to ensure a smooth rollout.

          Anyone can download this free checklist to learn the following:

          • How your content can lower readers’ anxiety and reassure them as they search for vaccine information
          • The most effective ways to reach your unique audience and how to address their concerns
          • Specific questions you’ll need to answer about getting the vaccine at your health system
          • Methods for handling false information on your social channels

          Source: Checklist: How to Create Content About the COVID-19 Vaccine

            Long-Term Care Facility Toolkit: Preparing for COVID-19 Vaccination at Your Facility

            This toolkit provides long-term care facility (LTCF) administrators and clinical leadership with information and resources to help build vaccine confidence among healthcare personnel (HCP) and residents.

            The toolkit emphasizes the critical role played by health professionals in providing trusted information and ensuring high COVID-19 vaccination coverage in their facility.

            Source: Long-Term Care Facility Toolkit: Preparing for COVID-19 Vaccination at Your Facility

              How to Report Misinformation Online

              As the world responds to the  COVID-19 pandemic, we all face the challenge of an overabundance of information related to the virus. Some of this information may be false and potentially harmful.

              Inaccurate information spreads widely and at speed, making it more difficult for the public to identify verified facts and advice  from trusted sources, such as  their local health authority or WHO. However, everyone can help to stop the spread. If you see content online that you believe to be false or misleading, you can report it to the hosting social media platform.

              This page offers links to various social media platforms’ sites for reporting inappropriate content.

              Source: How to Report Misinformation Online

                COVID-19 Kenya – Clinical Guidance and Job Aid Tracker

                This resource, produced by the Kenya Ministry of Health in partnership with USAID, tracks technical guidance about COVID-19 and lists useful job aids for health workers.  The tracker offers a brief description of each piece of guidance/job aid, a link to where it can be found, and the topic which it covers.

                Source: COVID-19 Kenya – Clinical Guidance and Job Aid Tracker