CCP Campaign Helps Increase COVID Vaccination Rates in Nigeria

Blog post on how an SBC campaign helped increase COVID-19 vaccination rates in Nigeria.  Since CCP-led Breakthrough ACTION began a COVID-19 vaccination awareness campaign in Nigeria, vaccination rates have increased by 75 percent.

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E Get Why TV Spots

“E Get Why” (There is a Reason) TV spots explain the importance of vaccinating against COVID-19 and taking preventive steps like washing your hands and testing when you are sick.

Breakthrough ACTION promotes complete COVID-19 vaccination messages using multimedia channels in Nigeria.

The spots are available in English, Pidgin, Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.

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Resources for integrating COVID-19 vaccination into the Expanded Vaccination Program (EPI) in MALI

After the WHO’s declaration on May 5, 2023, stating that COVID-19 is no longer a public health emergency of international concern, Mali, through the Ministry of Health and Social Development, recommended in its letter No. 00001199/MSDS-CAB dated May 18, 2023, that its competent services ensure the integration of COVID-19 vaccination into routine activities.

These posters, pamphlets, and audio spots were developed by USAID, in collaboration with the National Center for Health Information, Education, and Communication(CNIECS), as part of this integration, with generous support from the American people through the Breakthrough ACTION/Mali project of the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs in Baltimore.

Source: Resources for integrating COVID-19 vaccination into the Expanded Vaccination Program


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Covid-19 Booster Shot Endorsement

This video was created by the Ministry of Health-Guyana and features Mr Khemraj Ramjattan, a politician endorsing the COVID-19 vaccines booster shots.


Source: Covid-19 Booster shot endorsement

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Safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccinations during pregnancy

This video was created by the MOH-Guyana and features Dr. Rafi Rozan, Obstetrician and Gynecologist attached to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC). He is sharing information on the Safety and Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccination during Pregnancy.

Source: Safety and Effectiveness of COVID-19 Vaccinations During Pregnancy

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COVID-19 Vaccination Endorsements by Children in Guyana

The Ministry of Health Guyana developed three videos of children promoting vaccination.
This video features Anisha Bacchus, 11 years old encouraging children like herself to get vaccinated for their safety against Covid-19.
Watch the video here.

This video features Dominic Smith-aged 9 who received his first dose of the Pfizer Bio-Ntech COVID-19 vaccine. He is happy that he will not get sick or be hospitalized should he contract the virus. He said it’s an easy process so there is no need to be scared.

Watch the video here.

Sadie Viera-aged 11 encourages other children like herself to get vaccinated against COVID-19 since they will be protected and reassured of their safety.

Watch the video here.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Series – FAQ (What are the risks of getting a booster?)

This is a video on a frequently asked question on COVID-19 vaccination, “What are the risks of getting a booster?”.

This video was published by the Ministry of Health – Guyana.

Watch the video here.

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Get Vaccinated Today: A Message from Healthcare Workers in Nigeria

It is still important that we get vaccinated against COVID-19 and complete our doses. Vaccines are safe. Vaccines protect you and your family. Vaccines prevent the spread of infectious diseases from one person to the other.

PSA Video 1: A message from Reuben Omolayo, a registered nurse midwife

PSA Video 2: A message from Dr. Oke, a head of clinical services

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Leon Seaton Jr. – Guyana National Swimmer: Message on COVID-19 in Guyana

This resource is a video message on COVID-19 booster doses. The message is from Leon Seaton Jr., a national swimmer from Guyana. The target audience is mainly youth.

This video was produced by the Ministry of Health – Guyana.

Link to video

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Posters to Promote COVID-19 Vaccination to Specific Groups in Mali

In support of national authorities, BA-Mali with the Risk Communication Thematic Group has developed 4 posters for specific groups such as pregnant women, breastfeeding women, the elderly, and children and adolescents to promote vaccination against COVID-19. These posters are made available to all partners with possible variations in Kakemonos and posters for social networks.

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