Things to take care of while getting vaccinated

This poster lists several things to take care of while getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

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    mHero App

    This app was developed during the Ebola crisis to help frontline health workers to keep u to date with the latest data and guidance, as well as keep a check on their own health.

    Lessons learned from the Ebola response pointed to how fast, informative communication to frontline health workers and their immediate, precise case reporting helped tackle the health emergency. mHero was useful in engaging communities, managing rumors, and mitigating public health threats.

    Given mHero’s origin, it is uniquely suited to fulfill communication needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The mHero platform can be used for myriad government health communications needs, segmenting health workers into specific groups to:

    • Coordinate health promotion strategies and public health emergency responses
    • Train health workers on infection prevention and control and risk communication
    • Test health worker knowledge of COVID-19 responses through mini-quizzes
    • Report suspected COVID-19 cases and other high-priority diseases
    • Relay unanticipated stock-outs of essential commodities such as sterile gloves, masks, and respirators
    • Reveal local health and safety concerns, including mental health and physical risks

    Source: mHero App

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      COVID-19 Kenya – Knowledge Sharing Tracker

      This resource, produced by the Kenya Ministry of Health in partnership with USAID, tracks reports, presentations, documents, and other tools which are being accumulated as new information about COVID-19 in Kenya is published. Several topics include: gender, PWD, informal settlement, COVID response/survey, wildlife, malnutrition, etc.

      Source: COVID-19 Kenya – Knowledge Sharing Tracker

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        CoronaCombat: Leveraging Games for COVID-19 Awareness

        On April 10th, GRID launched CoronaCombat, a video game that raises awareness and provides accurate information on the new coronavirus and related COVID-19 disease. CoronaCombat not only provides players with reliable information but also empowers them to question misinformation. The player goes through a fact-seeking, myth-busting journey aimed at combating the new coronavirus, all while having a great time! All content in the game is sourced from WHO, CDC and JHU websites. The current version is available in English and Urdu languages and can be played for free here.

        We are currently looking for collaborators who can help us in the following ways:
        • Translating and localizing the game into other regional languages to scale its reach
        • Expanding the game design to incorporate animated gameplay that can capture the concepts of social distancing, practicing hygiene and flattening the curve.
        • Incorporating linkages to real-life resources including sources of accurate, updated information, health facilities that have testing capacity, contact tracing, two-way communication etc.

        What is GRID?

        Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development is a social impact gaming studio where we create mobile games to inspire positive behavior change. GRID is mainstreaming games in the social sector, not only in the US but also globally. By creating context-vigilant games (in local languages) for low-end smartphones, GRID has opened up the possibility of using games to educate, engage and empower people in all aspects of their lives irrespective of where they live. We have created games on reproductive health (MoHiMNari Paila (made in partnership with IRH) & SurrEndo) on compassion for animals (KritterKneads), climate change (EarthFenders), Math learning (Calculasia) and are currently working on games on financial literacy (FINechANCE), opioid crisis, child protection and entrepreneurship.

        Source: CoronaCombat: Leveraging Games for COVID-19 Awareness

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          WHO COVID-19 Learning Resources Application

          The WHO mobile learning app focuses on providing frontline health workers with critical, evidence-based information and tools to improve their skills and capabilities related to the pandemic.

          This COVID-19 Digital Response offers up-to-the-minute guidance, training, and virtual workshops to support health workers in caring for patients infected by COVID-19, as well as how they can protect themselves as they do their critical work.

          The app was created in direct response to an online survey of health workers conducted in March and April 2020 that received 20,000 submissions. Key features include learning guidance, learning materials, and tools organized into the following COVID-19 subject matter areas:

          • Case Management: How to care for COVID-19 patients
          • Infection Prevention Control: Protecting health worker and the community
          • Risk Communication and Community Engagement: Communicating effectively with the public
          • Epidemiology: Distribution, characteristics, and determinants of COVID-19
          • Statistics: Updated news and statistics on the COVID-19 pandemic
          • Laboratory: Testing for COVID-19 in humans
          • Health Services and Systems: Strategic planning and coordinated action
          • International Health Regulations: Public health and international spread of disease
          • Research & Development: Working towards a treatment and a vaccine
          • Operational Support and Logistics
          • Regional Information

          The WHO mobile learning app is a convenient tool for accessing WHO’s rapidly expanding and evolving training materials and guidance, along with opportunities to participate in virtual classrooms and other live training in six global languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

          Source: WHO COVID-19 Learning Resources Application

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