COVID-19 Posters and Brochures

Ces affiches et brochures ont été produites en mars 2020 en réponse à la crise du COVID-19.

These posters and brochures were produced in March 2020 as a response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Source: Posters and brochures for COVID-19

    Stay at Home Parody #2

    General prevention messages including handwashing, stay at home and sneezing/ coughing etiquette.

    Source: Stay at Home Parody #2

      Handwashing with Soap – A Key Part of the COVID-19 Response: Technical Brief

      Handwashing with soap, together with other public health interventions, will be key to curbing the transmission of COVID-19.

      This technical brief offers guidelines for:

      • Key moments for handwashing with soap during the COVID-19 pandemic
      • Knowledge alone does not always lead to behavior change
      • Integrate a range of handwashing determinants into promotion efforts
      • Create handwashing infrastructure that enables behavior
      • Use cues, reminders, and rewards to trigger handwashing behaviors
      • Share stories to motivate handwashing
      • Addressing common barriers to handwashing with soap
      • Rapid interventions to promoting handwashing as part of COVID-19 response
      • Online resources

      Source: Handwashing with Soap: A Key Part of the COVID-19 Response

        WASH’EM: Improving Handwashing Behaviour Change Programs in Humanitarian Crises

        Wash’Em is a process for rapidly designing evidence-based and context-adapted handwashing behavior change programs in emergencies.

        The Wash’Em process involves using 5 rapid assessment tools to understand behavior. Then the user can enter those findings into the Wash’Em software which will in turn provide tailored program recommendations.

        Source: WASH’EM: Improving Handwashing Behaviour Change Programs in Humanitarian Crises