Young Adults’ Responses to an African and US-Based COVID-19 Edutainment Miniseries: Real-Time Qualitative Analysis of Online Social Media Engagement

MTV Staying Alive Foundation created the educational entertainment miniseries MTV Shuga: Alone Together. In 70 short episodes released daily on YouTube, Alone Together aimed to disseminate timely and accurate information to increase young people’s knowledge, motivation, and actions to prevent COVID-19. We sought to identify Alone Together viewer’s perspectives on the global COVID-19 pandemic and national lockdowns by examining the words, conversations, experiences, and emotions expressed on social media in response to the Alone Together episodes. We also assessed how viewers used the series and its online community as a source of support during the global pandemic.

Source: Young Adults’ Responses to an African and US-Based COVID-19 Edutainment Miniseries: Real-Time Qualitative Analysis of Online Social Media Engagement

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    Social Media Campaign for COVID-19 Vaccination

    Social Media campaign

    Breakthrough ACTION/JHU conducted social media activities in support of the national SIAP (Semangat Dapat Vaksinasi Lengkap (READY – To Complete the Dose ) campaign targeting the younger population using social media. The campaign motivates the audience  to increase trust in COVID-19 vaccination safety and effectiveness, with emphasizing messages on the personal risk and collective health consequences if not vaccinated.

    The activities included:

    1. Posting messages on the importance of vaccination to young families and the general public through Instagram (feeds and reels) as well as landing articles on the website.
    2. Engaging young moms and Standup Comedy to carry out off-air activities among their members with the aim to complete vaccinations.
    3. Conducting SIAP jingle choreography competition through the young moms community and the general public.
    4. Conducting stand-up comedy video competition to increase trust on COVID-19 vaccination among young people.

    Source: Social Media Campaign for COVID-19 Vaccination

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      COVID-19 Song and Caravan Video

      This video shares a vaccination campaign song and caravan that reaches out to young people in Mozambique. It includes youth testimonials about why to vaccinate.

      Source: COVID-19 Song and Caravan Video

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        COVID-19 Vaccination Card Game

        A card game to test people’s knowledge about the risk factors of COVID-19. It presents various scenarios is which one person is wearing a mask and/or vaccinated and the other person is not and then has the player determine which person is at a higher risk of developing severe COVID-19.

        Source: COVID-19 Vaccination Card Game

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          Discrimination, Stigma and COVID-19

          The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered social stigma and discriminatory behaviour against persons who have contracted the COVID-19 virus, those who have been in contact with such persons, as well as any person who has been perceived to have come in contact with the virus. As part of an anti-stigma campaign, this Public Service Announcement sung by Chrystal Cummins-Beckles from Barbados, was produced.

          Source: Discrimination, Stigma and COVID-19

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            Tuberculosis and COVID-19 Integrated Video

            This video integrated COVID-19 and Tuberculosis messaging and directions to get tested.

            Source: Tuberculosis and COVID-19 Integrated Video

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              Flashmob Ils tombent en plein supermarché, victimes de COVID-19

              Une vidéo flashmob visant à sensibiliser les populations ivoiriennes sur l’importance de se faire vacciner avant que le pire n’arrive.  Dans un supermaché d’Abidjan, des personnes tombent subitement, ce qui affole la foule avant qu’elle ne se rende compte qu’il s’agit d’une mise en scène.

              A flashmob video aimed at raising awareness among Ivorian populations on the importance of getting vaccinated before the worst happens. In a supermarket in Abidjan, people suddenly fall, which panics the crowd before they realize that it is a scene.

              Source: Flashmob Ils tombent en plein supermarché, victimes de COVID-19

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                Voilà pourquoi il faut se faire vacciner

                Cette vidéo vise à encourager les personnes hésitantes à se faire vacciner contre la covid19. Elle est jouée par les acteurs d’une célèbre télé ivoirienne « Les coups de la vie ». Le message essentiel ici c’est de dire aux populations de ne pas se fier au ragots et rumeurs et que le vaccin est efficace et sûr.

                This video aims to encourage people who are hesitant to get vaccinated against covid19. She is played by the actors of a famous Ivorian TV “Les coups de la vie”. The essential message here is to tell people not to trust gossip and rumors and that the vaccine is effective and safe.

                Source: Voilà pourquoi il faut se faire vacciner

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                  This is an interactive game from American University that helps you learn how to spot COVID-19 misinformation and disinformation. The game displays various news articles, social media posts, etc. and you will then determine if it is a trustworthy source or false/misleading.

                  Source: Factitious

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                    COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign Videos

                    These 60-90 second video clips were produced by Breakthrough ACTION, in close collaboration with Ghana Health Service, to support the COVID-19 vaccination campaign in Ghana. The videos feature the Ghana Health Services’ COVID-19 Vaccine Ambassador, Celestine Donkor, debunking common vaccine rumors and promoting uptake among the general public and segmented population such as pregnant women and youth. The videos are available in English and capture different messages on COVID-19 and vaccination.

                    Source: COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign Videos

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