The False Rumors About Vaccines That Are Scaring Women

This article explains that there is a good deal of misinformation that has been spread about the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine that might be detrimental to women’s health.

The author conlcudes that: “For any woman who is pregnant, nursing or trying to conceive, contracting Covid-19 is almost certainly more dangerous than getting immunized. And ultimately, mass vaccination, combined with physical distancing and wearing masks, provides the only way that we can end the pandemic and protect all women, men and children from the disease.”

Source: The False Rumors About Vaccines That Are Scaring Women

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    We Know How to Curb the Pandemic. How Do We Make People Listen?

    A recent report by researchers from Northeastern University and elsewhere found that the number of Americans heeding most recommendations has dropped steadily since April. (Mask-wearing, which has increased, was an exception.)

    This article relates several instances of intended audiences practicing appropriate behavior when they believe others are doing the same thing, i.e., adhering to social norms. What one believes others are doing influences our actions, but so does what we imagine they view as acceptable.

    Source: We Know How to Curb the Pandemic. How Do We Make People Listen?

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      Teaching Senior Citizens to Spot Misinformation

      This article explains that COVID-19 has made the topic of misinformation timely and urgent. Discerning reliable health information is especially a matter of life or death for older people who are more vulnerable to the virus, and showcases projects created to ameliorate the situation.

      Tips to spot misinformation and avoid sharing it include evaluating whether news is from a known media outlet; noting the publication date, who wrote the content, and whether the author is reputable; checking if a website has a .gov, .edu, .org or .com suffix; and if a website is selling a product.

      Source: Teaching Senior Citizens to Spot Misinformation

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        How the Virus Won

        This interactive graphic moves through the timeline of COVID-19 in the United States and shows via a map how and where the virus spread.

        Source: How the Virus Won

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          New York Times COVID-19 Dashboard

          The New York Times COVID-19 dashboard displays a map of numbers of cases, deaths, and cases per 100,000 around the world. Another set of data shows case growth rates from January 22 to the present.

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