Nalamdana COVID-19 Vaccine – Episode 3

Through a young couple’s arguments at a bus stop, this short video, in Entertainment-Education style, highlights the importance of getting vaccines, why a second dose is critical to bring your immunity to where your body can easily fight the virus, and why it is important to continue to wear masks, even if you are fully vaccinated. By countering popular misconceptions (from the young man), the young woman, and her educated bus stop companion model COVID-safe behavior.

Source: Nalamdana COVID 19 Vaccine – Episode 3

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    Nalamdana COVID-19: Vaccines – Part 2

    Short film in entertainment-education style, to address myths and misconceptions about vaccines and also FAQs about side effects.

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      Nalamdana COVID-19: Vaccines

      Short film in entertainment-education style to address myths and misconceptions about vaccines, talking about the importance of vaccines, and answering FAQs on side effects.


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        Nalamdana: Fighting COVID-19 Misinformation

        This illustration-based video share the challenges of listening to misinformation – it can lead to risk of getting COVID-19. Friends gather (distanced and masked) around a tea shop and discuss what happened to an acquaintance who refused to listen to prevention messages and believed in quack methods to keep COVID-away.

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          Nalamdana’s Tips for COVID-19 Prevention – Part 3

          Physical distancing, masks and hand washing are here to stay. Since the emergence of COVID-19, the need for clear communication of dos and don’ts for audiences who live and work in low resource and crowded contexts has become more important than ever.

          Nalamdana’s short films developed in an entertainment education format use humor and plain language to share key tips with low literacy audiences on preventing the transmission of COVID-19. Preemptively addressing barriers and dispelling common myths where possible, the videos are intended for sharing on digital and social media. Also under development are audio scripts to mirror the films. These are intended for community radio broadcast and sharing through social media.

          This one talks about when things start to open up and people venture out again…

          Source: Nalamdana’s Tips for COVID-19 Prevention – Part 3

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