COVID Behaviors Dashboard: Updated Data Show Omicron Trends

Global Omicron cases have exploded since the COVID-19 variant was first reported to the World Health Organization on November 24. The most recent data from the COVID Behaviors Dashboard reflects that trend: the highest percentage of respondents in multiple countries are reporting positive test results since the dashboard went live in May of 2021.

  • Reported positivity rates have jumped at least 10 percentage points in South Africa, Mozambique, Puerto Rico, and many other countries in the past month.
  • In the November 16-30 data collection period for South Africa, 7% of tests were positive. In the most recent December period, that number rose to 37%, more than a four-fold increase.

Other insights from the latest data collection period (Dec 16-31):

  • 20% of unvaccinated health workers in Japan are now reporting that they will definitely get vaccinated, up from only 3% in early December
  • 90% of South African respondents reported that they have worn a mask all or most of the time, but only 70% believe that all or most other people are wearing masks
  • Respondents in Nigeria have consistently reported a lack of vaccine appointments as the top barrier to vaccination (32% indicating)

Source: COVID Behaviors Dashboard: Updated Data Show Omicron Trends

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    Save the Children Ethiopia COVID campaign (Twitter)

    Save the Children Ethiopia country office; under its media campaign work with UNICEF, had produced nine additional television spots with Fana Broadcasting Corporate. Here’s a video on how to minimize stress and apply positive parenting.

    Source: Save the Children Ethiopia COVID campaign (Twitter)

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      COVID Behaviors Dashboard

      The COVID Behaviors Dashboard visualizes data from the COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey (CTIS), launched by Facebook with the Delphi Group at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Maryland Social Data Science Center. Insights and analyses on how to use the data were written by researchers and social and behavior change communication experts at CCP in collaboration with WHO’s Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network. This site is intended to be used by policy makers, health officials and practitioners at national and subnational levels to better understand the behavioral drivers behind vaccine uptake, masking and physical distancing among other behaviors that affect the spread of COVID-19.

      Data from this ongoing survey is collected daily and the dashboard is updated every two weeks.

      Source: COVID Behaviors Dashboard

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        COVID-19 Billboards, Ethiopia

        These billboards were produced to promote COVID-19 prevention throughout Ethiopia. Each has a different message with the theme of the campaign – Cover. Wash. Distance!

        Source: COVID-19 Billboards, Ethiopia

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          COVID-19 Health Literacy Project

          This project creates and translates accessible COVID-19 information into different languages to help all patients know when, and how, to seek care. The materials are created in collaboration with Harvard Health Publishing.

          All of the materials are reviewed and vetted by physicians and medical school faculty members at the Harvard hospitals. These materials are created in collaboration with Harvard Health Publishing. The materials are freely available for download and distribution without copyright restrictions. The project currently supports 35 languages.

          Source: COVID-19 Health Literacy Project

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            Infographics about COVID-19 in Many Languages

            These infographics were designed through a strategic process led by Harvard Medical Students, Harvard School of Public Health professionals and alumni as well as physicians.

            The infographics designers are now partnering with the Cincinnati Health Department to make more specific infographics.

            Source: Infographics about COVID-19 in Many Languages

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              Breakthrough ACTION Ethiopia COVID-19 Campaign

              Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in December 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) had prioritized  Ethiopia, among 13 African countries, as the most vulnerable countries for importation of COVID-19. A recent Lancet publication reiterated this by describing Ethiopia as a highly vulnerable country with substantially larger population potential exposed yet with moderate capacity to contain the spread of the infection.

              Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) is an essential component of health emergency readiness and response activities. The Ethiopia Public Health Institute (EPHI) has been proactively working on emergency readiness and response activities on COVID-19 since late January 2020. The Emergency Operation Center (EOC), housed in EPHI and usually activated during public health emergencies in the country, started its work by establishing a technical working group (TWG) on RCCE comprised of different stakeholders and health development partners.

              Breakthrough ACTION Ethiopia is working closely with EPHI on COVID-19. To date, efforts have included technical assistance, training, tool development, and risk communication materials design, and logistical support to EPHI. The scope also includes focused support to the RCCE TWG, coordination on preparedness and response activities among several implementing partners, and training for Ethiopian Airlines flight and ground crew, as well as urban health extension workers and religious leaders.

              Thus far, the project has produced the following materials:

              • PSAs for  Amhara, Central, Oromia, SNNPR and Tigray:
                • Prevention methods
                • Misconceptions
                • Avoiding panic
                • Social distancing
                • Stigma

              Source (Amharic – Amhara, Central):

              Source (Oromo):

              Source (Amharic – SNNPR):

              Source: (Tigrigna):

              • Print materials for Amhara, Central, Oromia, SNNPR and Tigray:
                • Brochures and posters for general population
                • Brochures for hotel staff
                • Posters for travelers (bus and train stations)
                • Stickers for inside buses and trains
                • Proper hand-washing stickers for washrooms
                • Hand-washing reminders

              Source (Amhara): Ethiopia COVID 19 Posters – Amhara

              Source (Central): Ethiopia COVID 19 Posters – Central

              Source (Oromia): Ethiopia COVID 19 Posters – Oromia

              Source (SNNPR): Ethiopia COVID 19 Posters – SNNPR

              Source (Tigray): Ethiopia COVID 19 Posters – Tigray

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              Coronavirus — COVID-19 Factsheet – Hesperian Foundation

              This factsheet offers information for the public on the basics of COVID-19.

              Included is information on:

              • What is COVID-19?
              • How does it spread?
              • Who does it infect?
              • How can you prevent infection?

              The resource is available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Urdu, Bengali, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Farsi, Hindi, Telugu, Sindhi, Portuguese, Arabic, Haitian Creole, ChiShona, Kiswahili, Lao, Malay, Malayalam, Tamil, Nande, Kinyarwand, Oromo, Amharic, and Marathi at the link below.

              Source: Coronavirus – COVID-19

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