New campaign tackles vaccine hesitancy in Baltimore teens

There’s a new campaign in Baltimore from Johns Hopkins University, using hip hop to build vaccine confidence in the city’s youth because Baltimore City is 20 percent below the state average on vaccinations for teens.

Source: New campaign tackles vaccine hesitancy in Baltimore teens

    We Protect Generations

    The Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health is producing materials related to COVID-19 for tribes to distribute in partnership with Indian Health Service and with support from the Walmart Foundation. Materials are produced with oversight from an advisory group representing over 15 tribal communities across the U.S.

    This video is geared to Native youth (16 and older) encouraging COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccines are safe for Native people and highly effective at preventing hospitalization and death from COVID-19. Protect our elders and communities by getting a shot today. Video produced by @skybearmedia in partnership with Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board.  music by Supaman.

    Source: We Protect Generations

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    Behind the Mask

    This video follows a young couple discussing the use of masks. The young woman convinces her boyfriend to use a mask to protect himself and others from COVID-19.

    Source: Behind the Mask

      Return to School Video for Kids

      This video shows a group of students returning to school and expressing concerns about COVID-19. The videos were produced by USAID Kenya and are available in English and Swahili.

      Source: Return to School Video for Kids

        Questions and Answers: Adolescents, Youth and COVID-19

        These questions and answers were developed by the World Health Organization, UNESCO, UNFPA and UNICEF.

        Questions include:

        • Can adolescents catch COVID-19?
        • Can adolescents spread COVID-19 to other people even if they have mild or no symptoms?
        • Since there are few known cases of adolescents getting seriously ill with COVID-19, should I go to a health facility if I develop symptoms of the disease?
        • I am on medication for a chronic health condition. Should I change anything?
        • I am bored staying home. Since I am very unlikely to get severely ill even if I was to get COVID-19, why is it important that I follow the guidelines to prevent transmission such as keeping physical distance from other people?
        • I am feeling really anxious about COVID-19 and its impact on my life. What should I do?

        Source: Questions and Answers: Adolescents, Youth and COVID-19

          Insights from COVID-19 Youth Task Force

          This article provides insights from the COVID-19 Youth Task Force on sustaining access to voluntary contraception and reproductive health information and care by youth in East Africa during the pandemic. Youth and adolescents need special consideration—while they are sometimes neglected, they increasingly make up a bulk of the population. This article articulates the important role of decision makers and technical advisors in enhancing access to voluntary reproductive health care by youth during COVID-19.

          Source: Insights from COVID-19 Youth Task Force

            Videos for Youth on Handwashing, Coughing, and Physical Distancing

            These videos were produced to show young people the importance of physical distancing, elbow coughing, and handwashing.

            Source: Videos for Youth on Handwashing, Coughing, and Physical Distancing

              I Wear My Mask in Public

              This poster is designed to reach young adults with a message about the importance of wearing masks to prevent COVID-19.

              The poster lists reasons why masks are important.

              Source: I Wear My Mask in Public

                Youth Against COVID-19 – Episode 1

                UNFPA is teaming up with Prezi to help young people around the world learn about COVID-19 and how they can help keep their friends, families, and communities safe.

                This episode, produced in partnership with the International Federation of Medical Students’ Association, will teach about COVID-19. Users can re-create the video to share with their family and friends. This encourages and enables sharing correct and reliable information to take action to stop the spread of COVID-19. The key messages of this episode are available to help the viewer remember the most important information to share here.

                Scripts for the videos are available here so that each young person delivers the same correct message.

                Visitors can go to Prezi to learn how to create their own videos. A gallery of the videos made by other youth around the world is here.

                Source: Youth Against COVID-19 – Episode 1

                  Toolkit to Spread Awareness and Take Action on COVID-19

                  Inspired by the actions of young people across the world UNICEF has compiled a set of actions that anyone can take to join the fight against misinformation and stigma, and to promote community support and spirit, divided by the time it will take one to get involved, so anyone can decide how he or she can best contribute.

                  Source: Toolkit to Spread Awareness and Take Action on COVID-19