Ghana: Health worker on the COVID-19 pandemic’s frontline

In 2021, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread around the world, healthcare workers worldwide mobilized to treat patients, often putting their own safety at risk. Scholastica Gladys Dery is a nurse at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital in Ghana. With over 25 years’ experience in public health, Scholastica was on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic response. Despite being infected by the virus during the first wave, Scholastica recovered and returned to work to continue saving lives.

Source: Ghana: Health worker on the COVID-19 pandemic’s frontline

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    La Voz de los Religiosos Guatemala March-April 2022

    The La Voz de los Religiosos campaign in Guatemala aired March through April 2022. The campaign aired six testimonials from prominent religious leaders promoting COVID-19 Vaccination. Testimonials aired on national TV and Radio and were also disseminated on Social Media.

    Source: La Voz de los Religiosos Guatemala March-April 2022

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      EU COVAX Response

      Since the onset of the pandemic in Ethiopia, the SNNP region was one of the recipients of UNICEF’s response in terms of finance, logistics, and technical support both at the regional health bureau and woreda levels. This was made possible through the funding of The EU Humanitarian Aid fund for UNICEF to reach the vaccine-eligible population residing in the most vulnerable communities across Ethiopia with COVID-19 vaccines and transmit key messages on COVID-19 prevention.

      Source: EU COVAX Response

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        How Athishree coped with COVID-19

        Athishree was scared, hesitant to even talk to her friends when she first tested positive for #coronavirus.

        While in quarantine, she taught herself the importance of opening up about her experiences.

        Source: How Athishree coped with COVID-19

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          COVID-19 Campaign for Health Care Workers in Nigeria

          On this website, you’ll find creative content to use in COVID-19 vaccine campaigns for healthcare workers. From testimonials to memes and comic-strip illustrations, there are many content types and styles to work with.

          We hope you’ll enjoy using this content.

          Source: COVID-19 Campaign for Health Care Workers in Nigeria

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            COVID-19 Vaccine “Voices” and “Satisfied Clients”. Testimonials Part 2

            I am the last person I expected to catch COVID because I was super careful”, said a renowned music producer and a COVID-19 vaccine advocate in Ghana. These and other influential “Voices for COVID-19 Vaccine and testimonials from “Satisfied Clients” have been produced by the Ghana Health Service with support from Breakthrough ACTION featuring a Market Queen, Market Woman, Religious Leader, Civil Society Organization advocate, leading advocacy to ramp-up demand for, and increase uptake of COVID-19 vaccine in Ghana. The videos have been produced in English and three predominantly spoken local languages in Ghana: Hausa, Ga, and Ewe.

            Source: COVID-19 Vaccine “Voices” and “Satisfied Clients”. Testimonials Part 2

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              COVID-19 Vaccine “Voices” and “Satisfied Clients” Testimonials

              These video clips are short documentaries on “Voices” for COVID-19 vaccines and testimonials from “Satisfied Clients”. The videos feature influential institutional, community, and religious leaders speaking about the safety and benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines, and spearheading efforts to address vaccine rumors, misinformation, and hesitancy.  The videos are available in English and three local languages- Ga, Twi, and Dagbani.

              Source: COVID-19 Vaccine “Voices” and “Satisfied Clients” Testimonials

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                “Vacunate Guate” COVID-19 Vaccination Promotion Campaign

                The Breakthrough ACTION Guatemala COVID-19 Prevention Campaign developed materials to promote COVID-19 vaccination by highlighting benefits to people’s social and emotional lives after getting the vaccine and the threat of variants. The campaign is called “Vacunate Guate. ¡Hacelo por ti, hacelo por todos!” or “Get Vaccinated, Guatemala. Do it for yourself, do it for others!

                The print and digital materials include testimonials, radio spots, television spots, posters, social media posts, street banners and public transportation banners. All of the materials are in Spanish with audio materials also in the indigenous languages of Ixil, Mam, Q’echi, Kiche, and Kaqchikel.

                La campaña de prevención de COVID-19 de Breakthrough ACTION Guatemala elaboró materiales para promover la vacunación contra el COVID-19 destacando los beneficios para la vida social y emocional  después de recibir la vacuna y la amenaza de las variantes . La campaña se llama “Vacúnate Guate. Hacelo por ti, hacelo por todos!”

                Los materiales impresos y digitales incluyen testimonios, anuncios de radio, anuncios de televisión, carteles, publicaciones en las redes sociales, pasarelas en la calle y  en transporte público. Todos los materiales están en español con materiales de audio también en las lenguas indígenas de Ixil, Mam, Q’echi, Kiche y Kaqchikel.

                Source: “Vacunate Guate” COVID-19 Vaccination Promotion Campaign

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                  Alerta Guatemala COVID-19 Prevention Campaign Materials

                  The Alerta Guatemala campaign is a COVID-19 prevention campaign from the Breakthrough ACTION Guatemala team. The campaign emphasizes that COVID-19 is still contagious and dangerous even if one has been vaccinated or previously infected. The prevention methods of distancing, masking and hand washing are highlighted, encouraging people to not let their guard down against COVID-19. The campaign materials include a TV spot, radio spots, print materials and digital/social media (intagram and facebook) materials in Spanish. The radio spots are also in the indigenous languages of Mam, Kaqchikel, Kiche, Q’Anjob’Al, and Keqchi. This campaign was aimed at the general public.

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