Working with Religious Leaders and Ramadan Messaging

Breakthrough-ACTION activities in Indonesia will focus on providing assistance to the overall RCCE Coordinating Task Force to finalize strategy and develop the mapping of activities by themes and geographic areas.

Source: Working with Religious Leaders and Ramadan Messaging

    PUSH COVID-19 Challenge

    As part of the efforts to support Nigeria in curbing the spread of the coronavirus, Breakthrough ACTION-Nigeria and partners will be supporting the #TakeResponsibility social media  campaign of the NCDC through various social media activities. The team created a #PUSH challenge.

    PUSH stands for:

    P = Practice coughing or sneezing in your elbow.
    U = Use soap and running water to wash you hands regularly
    S = Stay at home to reduce spread from person-to-person.
    H = Help others by spreading this message

    Source: PUSH COVID-19 Challenge