Gender and Health Hub Buzzboard

The Gender and Health Hub is a network of policymakers, researchers, and implementers working at the intersection of gender and global health.

The Hub publishes synthesised policy-relevant evidence and best practices to support gender integration in health programming. Our aim is to bridge the gap between knowledge and action, build a diverse community to share learnings, and catalyse evidence for impact.

The Hub has a Buzzboard which helps users connect with each other over common interests in the field of gender and health.

Source: Gender and Health Hub Buzzboard

    COVID-19 Innovation Hub

    The key objective of this site is to aggregate and highlight innovations under 12 COVID-19 categories. It includes innovations ready to deploy, plus innovations that could be adapted for COVID-19 responses, or inspire new much-needed solutions.

    Source: COVID-19 Innovation Hub

      COVID-19 Hygiene Hub

      The COVID-19 Hygiene Hub is a free service to help actors in low- and middle-income countries rapidly share, design, and adapt evidence-based hygiene interventions to combat coronavirus.

      The Hygiene Hub offers connection with others working on COVID-19, searching resources, and asking questions of technical experts.

      Source: COVID-19 Hygiene Hub