Radio Spot Talking Points

The Radio Spot talking points is a guide used by Radio Presenters in the Radio stations to reinforce the Radio Spot messaging.

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How to wear a mask

This video is shows how to wear a mask properly. If you go out of the house, you must wear a mask.

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    Need to wear mask properly when you go outside

    This video is about to aware general people to wear mask properly when they go outside and, consult with a doctor when someone get corona infected.

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      COVID-19 Vaccine “Voices” and “Satisfied Clients” Testimonials

      These video clips are short documentaries on “Voices” for COVID-19 vaccines and testimonials from “Satisfied Clients”. The videos feature influential institutional, community, and religious leaders speaking about the safety and benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines, and spearheading efforts to address vaccine rumors, misinformation, and hesitancy.  The videos are available in English and three local languages- Ga, Twi, and Dagbani.

      Source: COVID-19 Vaccine “Voices” and “Satisfied Clients” Testimonials

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        Ghana COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign Song

        This a 3-minute Ghana COVID-19 campaign song, “Protect yourself, protect your family. Get vaccinated Now!”, produced by Celestine Donkor, an influential Ghanaian gospel music celebrity and Ghana Health ServiceCOVID-19 ambassador, and supported by Breakthrough ACTION, promotes compliance with COVID-19 safety protocols and creates awareness and uptake of COVID-19 vaccines among the general population, including pregnant women, and persons aged 15 years and above, while addressing crosscutting vaccine misinformation, myths and rumors. The song is produced in Twi, and interspersed with three other languages-  English, Ewe and Ga.

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          Prevent: Respiratory Hygiene

          This poster explains the importance of wearing mask properly to ensure that they are effective in protecting health care workers, and also how they are disposed to ensure health and safety of health care workers.

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          Nalamdana COVID-19 Vaccine – Episode 3

          Through a young couple’s arguments at a bus stop, this short video, in Entertainment-Education style, highlights the importance of getting vaccines, why a second dose is critical to bring your immunity to where your body can easily fight the virus, and why it is important to continue to wear masks, even if you are fully vaccinated. By countering popular misconceptions (from the young man), the young woman, and her educated bus stop companion model COVID-safe behavior.

          Source: Nalamdana COVID 19 Vaccine – Episode 3

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            Wear a mask, stay safe

            This video explains the importance of continuing to wear a mask in public in order to slow the spread of coronavirus.

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