Brochure on COVID-19

The brochure has been produced in partnership with the Malawi Ministry of Health. Key messages are on the awareness, symptoms, and prevention of COVID-19. The poster is targeted towards a general audience and the language is Chichewa.

Source: Brochure on COVID-19

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    Key Messages for Religious Leaders

    Breakthrough ACTION Malawi is working with religious leaders to promote positive attitudes toward the COVID-19 vaccine and increase public demand among eligible populations. The talking points provide messages on COVID-19 that religious leaders can use, such as symptoms of COVID-19 and getting vaccinated.

    Source: Key Messages for Religious Leaders

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      COVID-19 Communication Resources to reach vulnerable urban populations

      These resources were used by SNEHA (Society for Nutrition Education and Health Action) to educate people living in vulnerable urban informal settlements about COVID-19 Appropriate behaviour. These resources were used at a time when India was braving the first and second wave of the pandemic.

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        SIAP (Semangat Dapat Vaksinasi Lengkap) Campaign – Phased in Multi-media Campaign – Billboard (Key Visuals) platform

        SIAP Campaign Strategic Objective

        1. Provide accurate and up to date information on the benefits of COVID-19 vaccination and availability, resolve vaccine doubts, combat miscommunication and promote vaccine location. Adapted to cultural and linguistic differences between urban and rural environments.
        2. Increase vaccine acceptance among the target audience at the national level.
        3. Contribute to creating a favorable environment of acceptance among families, leaders and the community towards COVID-19 vaccination.

        Billboard/Key Visual used in the introduction of the campaign Phases:

        • Thematic: targeting general communities.
        • Tactical 1: targeting Elderly and Tactical 2, Targeting in general population which has not completing their complete dose of vaccination.

        The Billboard placed in 22 spots in 10 Districts, BA COVID-19 targeted areas.

        Source: SIAP (Semangat Dapat Vaksinasi Lengkap) Campaign – Phased in Multi-media Campaign – Billboard (Key Visuals) platform

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        Radio Spot Talking Points

        The Radio Spot talking points is a guide used by Radio Presenters in the Radio stations to reinforce the Radio Spot messaging.

        Source: Radio Spot Talking Points

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