Brochure on COVID-19

The brochure has been produced in partnership with the Malawi Ministry of Health. Key messages are on the awareness, symptoms, and prevention of COVID-19. The poster is targeted towards a general audience and the language is Chichewa.

Source: Brochure on COVID-19

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    Key Messages for Religious Leaders

    Breakthrough ACTION Malawi is working with religious leaders to promote positive attitudes toward the COVID-19 vaccine and increase public demand among eligible populations. The talking points provide messages on COVID-19 that religious leaders can use, such as symptoms of COVID-19 and getting vaccinated.

    Source: Key Messages for Religious Leaders

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      Os 9 passos de Lavagem das Maos

      Cartaz Dirigidos aos alunos – ensina passo a passo como lavar corretamente as mãos e evitar assim a propagação da Covid na escola e em sua família.

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      A COVID-19 ainda não acabou

      Cartaz dirigido a adolescentes e Jovens dentro da Escola incentiva os jovens a colaborar na prevenção da covid tanto na escola como em casa.

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      Autocolante Aalunos

      Autocolante para os alunos colarem em seus cadernos. Os fara lembrar que a COVID-19 ainda não acabou! e como devem se prevenir.

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      To stay away from coronavirus, you have to wash your hands repeatedly with soap and water.

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