Vaccine Confidence Message Brief

In order to get Americans vaccinated quickly, we need to understand the motivations and hesitations behind getting vaccinated.

We are launching the Vaccine Confidence Message Brief to explore what motivates high-priority audiences to get the Covid-19 vaccine. We conducted both a national message testing study and focus groups among people expressing concerns about getting the vaccine—including healthcare workers and K-12 teachers. The brief includes high-level audience insights and message recommendations, aimed at motivating audiences to take action. Additionally, it offers tailored communications to reach communities of color.

This brief will be updated with additional research and insights as we learn more about what public health practitioners need to motivate audiences and what barriers stand in the way.

We won’t get everyone vaccinated overnight, but we need to make sure we reach all audiences so we can end the pandemic equitably and quickly.

Source: Vaccine Confidence Message Brief

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    COVID-19 Testing Communications Toolkit

    The COVID-19 Testing Communications Toolkit is a free, public resource for anyone looking to communicate the importance of COVID-19 testing to communities. It is designed for use in the US, but can be used for communities in other parts of the world as well.

    The toolkit includes evidence-based tutorials, handouts, and image library to help in translating public health goals into motivating, clear messages that educate the public about why, when, and where to get tested, even if they feel healthy.

    Source: COVID-19 Testing Communications Toolkit

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      COVID-19 Testing and Tracing: Message Handbook

      For any testing and tracing strategy to work, we have to motivate people to act.

      That’s why The Rockefeller Foundation launched the Testing & Tracing Message Handbook. This Handbook draws on insights from cognitive science, linguistics, focus groups and a nationally representative message-testing survey. It includes audience insights, tested language and science-based do’s and don’ts that public health officials can use to transform their communications.

      This Handbook will be a living document, updated with new research and tailored messages as facts on the ground change. We’ll also be working closely with public health practitioners, to understand what they need to put the recommendations into action.

      Source: COVID-19 Testing and Tracing: Message Handbook

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