Kenya National Communication and Community Engagement Strategy for Coronavirus

The overall goal of this strategy is to effectively coordinate Kenyan national and county communications and community engagement activities to prevent the spread of the disease, build trust in the leaders and health workers to provide accurate information and essential services, and encourage communities’ active participation in supporting the risk reduction and response measures.

Specifically, the communication strategy is designed to enhance:

  1. Coordination: Strengthen coordination and information management structures across government ministries (health, agricultural, ICT and more) and county governments as well as with development partners and private sector entities to promote an efficient and holistic approach to addressing the multifaceted impacts of the pandemic.
  2. Effective Messages: Amplify key public health awareness messages and catalyze conversations with communities to prevent and reduce the spread of COVID-19, especially for the highest risk groups, and ensure people still go to health facilities for essential services. In addition, mobilize formal and informal leaders to share accurate information.
  3. Two-Way Communication: Promote two-way communication with communities to reduce fear, misconceptions, and stigma; to understand risk perceptions, knowledge gaps and provide accurate information tailored for diverse audiences and channels throughout the pandemic response period. These efforts will be crucial in supporting advocacy for responsive county and national efforts.
  4. Health Worker Preparedness and Capacity: Ensure health workers and community health workers have the key information and tools to effectively provide accurate information in a way that is respectful of people’s fears, grief and other psychosocial concerns.
  5. Monitoring, Evaluation and Research: Establish strong monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for measuring national, county and community levels outcomes.

Source: Kenya National Communication and Community Engagement Strategy for Coronavirus

    COVID-19 Kenya – Knowledge Sharing Tracker

    This resource, produced by the Kenya Ministry of Health in partnership with USAID, tracks reports, presentations, documents, and other tools which are being accumulated as new information about COVID-19 in Kenya is published. Several topics include: gender, PWD, informal settlement, COVID response/survey, wildlife, malnutrition, etc.

    Source: COVID-19 Kenya – Knowledge Sharing Tracker

      COVID-19 Kenya – Media Coverage Tracker

      This tracker, produced by the Kenya Ministry of Health in partnership with USAID, follows media coverage of COVID-19 in Kenya, offering information about the source, topic, and author. Several key topics the tracker covers include: economics, innovation, gender-based violence, aid, response, risk factors, etc.

        COVID-19 Kenya – IEC Materials and Campaigns Tracker

        This tracker lists over 100 COVID-19 social and behavior change materials produced in Kenya and in other countries.

        The list includes posters, pamphlets, radio ads, television ads, videos, posters, memes, and other media produced to introduce various aspects of COVID-19 to the public.

        Source: COVID-19 Kenya – IEC Materials and Campaigns Tracker

          Defeating Coronavirus with Vaccines

          This video explains the science of vaccines and delves into the 3 types of vaccines being developed to combat the deadly coronavirus.

          Source: Defeating Coronavirus with Vaccines

            Let’s Bold Out Coronavirus

            This video compares fighting the coronavirus to a cricket match and challenges the public to fight against it.

            Source: Let’s Bold Out Coronavirus

              Wearing a Mask (Facebook post)

              This message, posted on Facebook, reads “When you go out of the house, you must wear a mask to protect yourself and others.”

                Team Human Vs Team COVID

                As a subscribed organization that uses football as the core component to reach out to the youth with health messages, development of football based comic booklets featuring team Covid-19 Vs Team Human is underway. The booklets will be distributed via door to door to the youth who participate in VAP’s youth programs as well as through their parents’ WhatsApp group. The print version will be supplemented by an electronic animation version to be watched at homes by the youth and the general public while learning about covid-19 and its preventive measures.

                Source: Team Human Vs Team COVID

                • Enouce Ndeche
                • Stay Home sign

                Why India will win the Corona battle

                This well-researched video uses simulations to examine and demonstrate how the Corona virus spreads. And evaluates the various strategies that can be used to prevent and control its spread.

                Source: Why India Will Win the Corona Battle

                  Stay at home Parody #1

                  Rhymes and songs are integral part of Bangladeshi culture. Tapping into that, this parody urges people to stay at home. The voice of a famous actor-singer, use of rhyme and relevant graphics are used to try to attract audiences. To make the overwhelming COVID-19 pandemic experiences a bit better, the project uses entertaining elements such as actor-singers, rhyme, and songs. Comic relief is another feature in the content. The ultimate goal of the project material is to give audiences an entertaining yet educational experience.