Vaccine influencers video: Aires, Humberto, Wazimbo and Dany Ripanga

Digital influencers get vaccinated and appeal to the community over 18 years old to take the COVID-19 booster shot.

Source: Vaccine influencers video: Aires, Humberto, Wazimbo and Dany Ripanga

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‘Get Boosted’ Facebook Campaign

Even if you feel healthy and young at heart, you should take steps to stay that way — like eating vegetables, wearing a seatbelt, and staying active.

Getting boosted for COVID-19 should be just another smart thing to add to your health checklist, especially with omicron’s contagiousness. (And even if you’ve had COVID in the past, it’s still a good idea to get a booster!)

Source: ‘Get Boosted’ Facebook Campaign

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    Combating Online Health Misinformation and Vaccine Hesitancy for Health Providers

    This 60-minute online training focuses on how to effectively communicate with vaccine hesitant individuals and how to effectively respond to misinformation people may encounter online or on social media. Those who complete the training will earn a certificate of completion through the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health that can be printed directly from the course page.

    This training was developed by a team of leading epidemiologists and behavioral scientists at the International Vaccine Access Center to provide health professionals with evidence-based skills on how to combat vaccine misinformation and promote vaccine confidence in the communities they serve.

    Source: Combating Online Health Misinformation and Vaccine Hesitancy for Health Providers

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      Vira, the vaccine chatbot

      Vira, the vaccine chatbot was created by the Johns Hopkins International Vaccine Access Center and artificial intelligence (AI) researchers at IBM Research to reach people with simple answers to their common COVID-19 vaccine questions. Vira is adaptive, learning by listening to users’ questions and feedback to help scientists respond to emerging questions.

      Vira was inspired by previous research that showed automated chatbots using AI can effectively communicate credible information and support health behavior changes. 

      Vira can help health workers or anyone who seeks help fielding questions from family and friends about the COVID-19 vaccines. Check out Vira, a vax chatbot that’s here to help you and your loved ones make an informed decision.

      Source: Vira, the vaccine chatbot

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        Wear Your Mask the Right Way

        This is a series of Instagram messages created by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The messages show the many ways people avoid wearing their masks properly, along with a humorous message. The posters address common mistakes people make while wearing a mask, such as holding it in their hands, wearing it on their arms or on their chin.

        Source: Wear Your Mask the Right Way

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          COVID-19 Contact Tracing Online Course

          The COVID-19 crisis has created an unprecedented need for contact tracing across the country, requiring thousands of people to learn key skills quickly. The job qualifications for contact tracing positions differ throughout the country and the world, with some new positions open to individuals with a high school diploma or equivalent.

          In this introductory course, students will learn about the science of SARS-CoV-2 , including the infectious period, the clinical presentation of COVID-19, and the evidence for how SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted from person-to-person and why contact tracing can be such an effective public health intervention. Students will learn about how contact tracing is done, including how to build rapport with cases, identify their contacts, and support both cases and their contacts to stop transmission in their communities.

          The course will also cover several important ethical considerations around contact tracing, isolation, and quarantine. Finally, the course will identify some of the most common barriers to contact tracing efforts — along with strategies to overcome them.

          Source: COVID-19 Contact Tracing Online Course

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