Vaccines for Pregnant Women

This video from Bangladesh states that pregnant women and lactating mothers will be able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine without SMS (on walk-in basis) from the designated designated center.

Source: Vaccines for Pregnant Women

    Running after Myths and Rumors

    This video was shared on Facebook. It discourages listening to myths and rumors such as those that claim that antibiotics or eating garlic can cure coronavirus. It is important not to listen to rumors, but to get correct information from reliable sources.

    Source: Running after Myths and Rumors

      Spouses Staying at Home

      This video was shared on Facebook and explains that by staying at home and not going out unnecessarily, the spouses are saving themselves and their community.

      Source: Spouses Staying at Home

        Supergirl Staying at Home

        This video was shared on Facebook and shows a little girl who considers herself a superhero because she is staying at home and keeping herself, her family, and her country safe from COVID-19.

        Source: Supergirl Staying at Home

          Let’s Bold Out Coronavirus

          This video compares fighting the coronavirus to a cricket match and challenges the public to fight against it.

          Source: Let’s Bold Out Coronavirus

            Wearing a Mask (Facebook post)

            This message, posted on Facebook, reads “When you go out of the house, you must wear a mask to protect yourself and others.”

              Stay at home Parody #1

              Rhymes and songs are integral part of Bangladeshi culture. Tapping into that, this parody urges people to stay at home. The voice of a famous actor-singer, use of rhyme and relevant graphics are used to try to attract audiences. To make the overwhelming COVID-19 pandemic experiences a bit better, the project uses entertaining elements such as actor-singers, rhyme, and songs. Comic relief is another feature in the content. The ultimate goal of the project material is to give audiences an entertaining yet educational experience.


                Non-residential Bangladeshis and home quarantine video

                Video guidelines for those quarantined at home and those who have travelled back from abroad to Bangladesh.


                Cough Etiquette Video

                This music video, subtitled in English, shows children following COVID-19 prevention practices, especially covering their mouths/faces when sneezing or coughing.