February 20, 2021

A Guide to Vaccinations for COVID-19

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The guide explains how vaccines work and answers your common questions as well as providing up-to-date information on the current approved COVID-19 vaccinations in the UK.

February 11, 2021

Guidance on Developing a National Deployment and Vaccination Plan for COVID-19 Vaccines

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This book, and its accompanying orientation course is intended to support national and sub-national focal points in preparing for COVID-19 vaccination. It provides an overview of key aspects of the guidance on developing a national deployment and vaccination plan for COVID-19 vaccines and highlights available and upcoming resources for COVID-19 vaccine introduction.

The Vaccination Demand Hub

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The Vaccination Demand Hub is a network of partner organizations innovating together to understand why people miss out, to improve acceptance and uptake of vaccines, and to ensure that everyone everywhere is protected against vaccine preventable diseases.

Vaccine Misinformation Field Guide

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This resource was created by the UNICEF Programme Division, Health Section, Immunization Unit C4D team, in collaboration with The Public Good Projects, First Draft and Yale Institute of Global Health.

February 3, 2021

Misunderstanding Vaccine Side Effects Poses a Problem for Uptake


This article points out that looking at this issue from the lens of behavioral science will aid in understanding how to tackle the problem of vaccine side effects causing hesitancy.

Four Things I Learned About Behavior Change During a Pandemic


This article is based on an interview with behavioral scientist Katy Milkman and social neuroscientist Jay Van Bavel, hosted by the journal Behavioral Scientist.

Combating Vaccine Hesitancy in Developing Countries


Recently, there has been an increase in vaccine hesitancy in low and middle income countries (LMICs) due to safety concerns and long-term effects. With this skepticism, outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases that were once thought mostly eradicated such as measles, pertussis and diphtheria, have increased in frequency around the world.

The False Rumors About Vaccines That Are Scaring Women


This article explains that there is a good deal of misinformation that has been spread about the effects of the COVID-19 vaccine that might be detrimental to women’s health.

January 25, 2021

KAP COVID Dashboard: Global Vaccine Acceptance


This dashboard is a visualization of a study of global vaccine acceptance and is a collaboration among Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, Facebook Data for Good, MIT, WHO and Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network.

How the COVID-19 Vaccine Works

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This video, produced by the World Health Organization, was posted on Twitter. The speakers explain exactly how the COVID-19 vaccine works, its safety, and its importance.

January 19, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Communication Toolkit

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This informational guide presents six strategies for immunization coordinators to build vaccine confidence within their health system or clinic.

It includes tangible actions to promote confidence, communication, and uptake of COVID-19 vaccine, which can help support confidence among providers and patients.

Demand Creation and Advocacy for COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake

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This quick start guide was developed to support FHI 360 programs and their partners to design and implement demand creation and advocacy activities as part of national COVID-19 vaccine introduction efforts. This guide draws primarily on FHI 360’s experience designing and implementing SBC programs to promote uptake of health products and services, including vaccination services, but also borrows from other global tools, including those developed by the WHO and UNICEF.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Handbook

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This handbook is for journalists, doctors, nurses, policy makers, researchers, teachers, students, parents, and others. It contains information about: COVID-19 vaccines, how to talk to others about them and how to challenge misinformation about the vaccines.

January 13, 2021

5 Ways to Use Sensitivity When Writing About Vaccines

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This blog explains that health professionals need to approach their patients who are opposed to vaccination with understanding and patience.

They should anticipate vaccine-related questions and suggest several ways to deal with the patients, such as containing vaccine misinformation and using your platform to educate about the benefit of vaccines.

COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Strategy, India

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This communication strategy supports the COVID-19 vaccines rollout in India and seeks to disseminate timely, accurate and transparent information about the vaccine(s) to alleviate apprehensions about the vaccine, ensure its acceptance and encourage uptake.

COVID-19 Vaccination Communication

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This report, which was developed in consultation with leading experts in social and behavioral sciences and public health, outlines evidence-informed communication strategies in support of national COVID-19 vaccine distribution efforts across federal agencies and their state and local partners.

Key Guidelines in Developing a Pre-Emptive COVID-19 Vaccination Uptake Promotion Strategy


This paper makes the case for immediate planning for a COVID-19 vaccination uptake strategy in advance of vaccine availability for two reasons: first, the need to build a consensus about the order in which groups of the population will get access to the vaccine; second, to reduce any fear and concerns that exist in relation to vaccination and to create demand for vaccines. A key part of this strategy is to counter the anti-vaccination movement that is already promoting hesitancy and resistance.

Checklist: How to Create Content About the COVID-19 Vaccine

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Creating content about the COVID-19 vaccines requires a deliberate, well-executed plan. As you begin developing vaccine content at your institution, use our step-by-step checklist to ensure a smooth rollout. Anyone can download this free checklist.

Long-Term Care Facility Toolkit: Preparing for COVID-19 Vaccination at Your Facility

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This toolkit provides long-term care facility (LTCF) administrators and clinical leadership with information and resources to help build vaccine confidence among healthcare personnel (HCP) and residents.

The toolkit emphasizes the critical role played by health professionals in providing trusted information and ensuring high COVID-19 vaccination coverage in their facility.

January 11, 2021

The Best Evidence for How to Overcome COVID Vaccine Fears


Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is becoming available, somewhere between 60 and 90 percent of adults and children must be vaccinated or have antibodies resulting from infection in order to […]

Inside the Mind of an Anti-vaxxer


This article describes the attitude of the many individuals in the US who are against vaccination and details steps that can be taken to change their attitudes and behavior.

The various options of changing people’s attitudes toward vaccinations are discussed.


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