May 6, 2022

Spreading good vibes and vaccine confidence up to the last mile

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Get Vaxxed for Good Vibes is a USAID-supported campaign to help the Department of Health in the Philippines advance COVID prevention and vaccine confidence for at-risk populations in rural and semi-urban communities.

Millions of Filipino children are ready to go back to school safely with the help of BIDA Kid

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BIDA Kid is a campaign designed to support children’s healthy and safe return to schools in the Philippines. The Department of Education, Department of Health, and USAID partnered together to integrate COVID-19 prevention behaviors messaging into a TV spot, jingle, and print materials to help promote learning-conducive and pandemic-responsive schools that prioritize health and safety at all times.

April 21, 2022

Lembar Balik COVID-19 (Community Engagement Kit)

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This flipchart is a tool intended for Facilitators to help provide information, education, and advice regarding COVID-19 vaccination especially the elderly (elderly) and the general population who have not completed their vaccination dose.

April 19, 2022

COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Awareness Spot

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This COVID-19 information and awareness spot was produced and broadcast ahead of the January 2022 National COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign in Burkina Faso.

Kartu Bantu COVID-19 (Community Engagement Kits)

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The COVID-19 Cue Card contains key questions and answers about COVID-19 vaccination. Created to facilitate the work of community assistants in reducing doubts about the COVID-19 vaccination. The content was developed based on the analysis and results of studies related to vaccination acceptance among the elderly and the general population who have not been fully vaccinated. This Cue Card can be used at any time if there are questions raised by individuals, groups or communities. These cards can also be used as a tool and games to play together to remember important messages related to the COVID-19 vaccination.

April 1, 2022

On the Fence About COVID-19 Vaccines?

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This is an infosheet touching on key topics of concern regarding COVID-19 vaccination. It addresses core components of hesitation, fears, and misunderstandings.

Social listening supports COVID-19 Communication response in the Philippines

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These social listening scans help DOH navigate shifting narratives and counter misinformation and disinformation while promoting COVID-19 prevention behaviors.

COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Social Media Toolkit

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This social media toolkit aims to support Ministry of Health officials, frontline health workers, community leaders and members, and patient advocacy groups with key messages to help address COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in their communities.

March 28, 2022

Nepal Little Jab Book


Save the Children has launched the Nepal ‘Little Jab Book’ developed in collaboration with Busara Center for Behavioral Economics, and Common Thread. The playbook focuses on six key behavioral challenges which restricts vaccine uptake and presents contextual and hackable behavior change actions to strengthen vaccine uptake and confidence amongst parents, young people, and health workers in Nepal.

Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy in Nigeria digital campaign

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A Digital Social and Behavior Change Communication Campaign in Bauchi and Sokoto States, Nigeria, in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) partners: MC Saatchi, Upswell, George Washington University, Syndani Initiative and ID Africa. This includes videos, social media posts.

March 25, 2022

Association of community engagement with vaccination confidence and uptake: A cross-sectional survey in Sierra Leone, 2019

Reports and Studies

The 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic disrupted childhood immunization in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea. After the epidemic, the Government of Sierra Leone prioritized community engagement to increase vaccination confidence and uptake. To support these efforts, we examined potential drivers of vaccination confidence and uptake in Sierra Leone.

Menstruation and COVID-19 vaccination

Clinical/Technical Guidance

The aim of this study is to measure whether or not the COVID-19 vaccines causes changes in women’s menstrual cycle or unexpected vaginal bleeding.

March 21, 2022

Trust and willingness towards COVID-19 vaccine uptake: a mixed-method study in Ghana, 2021

Reports and Studies

On the account of limited doses of COVID-19 available to the country, the Government of Ghana created a priority list of persons to target for its vaccination agenda. In this paper, we look at trust and how it informs willingness to take the COVID-19 vaccine among persons targeted for the first phase of COVID-19 vaccination program in Ghana.

Ginger Ale Can’t Cure COVID

SBC Campaign

This is a social media post from Baltimore City Health Department stating that although ginger ale can help settle an upset stomach, it’s not a substitute from getting the vaccine.

March 16, 2022

Poster – Booster dose


This is a poster in Nepal explaining the importance of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine booster.

March 11, 2022

Guide Book: Campaign – Community Involvement and the Important Message of COVID-19 Vaccination for the Elderly

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In general, this book aims to provide implementation guidance to accelerate access for elderly to COVID-19 vaccination, through Communications Campaign and Community involvement activity. This book specifically aims to be a guide for preparing campaign and community involvement plans for COVID-19 Program manager, communications manager and other related stakeholder that contribute
to increase the outreach of messages for elderly COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccine “Voices” and “Satisfied Clients”. Testimonials Part 2

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These and other influential “Voices for COVID-19 Vaccine and testimonials from “Satisfied Clients” have been produced by the Ghana Health Service with support from Breakthrough ACTION featuring a Market Queen, Market Woman, Religious Leader, Civil Society Organization advocate, leading advocacy to ramp-up demand for, and increase uptake of COVID-19 vaccine in Ghana.

March 4, 2022

Planning for a COVID-19 vaccination campaign in New Zealand: trust, affective and cognitive attitudes, and COVID-19 vaccine intention

Reports and Studies

Building public trust and willingness to vaccinate against COVID-19 is as important as developing a safe and effective vaccine to contain the pandemic. Based on the theory of planned behaviour and trust heuristic, this study tests factors associated with COVID-19 vaccination intentions using a national sample survey of the New Zealand public.

“On the Last Day of the Last Month, I Will Go”: A Qualitative Exploration of COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence among Ivoirian Adults

Reports and Studies

We conducted in-depth interviews with individuals who had recovered from COVID-19, people who had lost a family member to COVID-19, and health providers. We also conducted focus group discussions with members of the general population to explore social norms and community perceptions related to COVID-19, including prevention behaviors, stigma, and vaccines.

February 25, 2022

Next door Neighbor video 2

TV spotsVideo

This video is of a phone call between two neighbors in quarantine. It covers several rumors and misinformation about COVID-19 and where to find reliable information in order to adopt […]

COVID-19 Vaccine “Voices” and “Satisfied Clients” Testimonials

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These video clips are short documentaries on “Voices” for COVID-19 vaccines and testimonials from “Satisfied Clients”. The videos feature influential institutional, community, and religious leaders speaking about the safety and benefits of the COVID-19 vaccines, and spearheading efforts to address vaccine rumors, misinformation, and hesitancy.


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