Eswatini COVID-19 Mythbusters

The ten mythbusters, available in English and Siswati, were developed based on feedback received from chiefdom leadership who  identified prevailing myths and misconceptions related to COVID-19 prevention, treatment or stigma related to recovery.

Key mythbusters tackle use of alcohol, garlic, hot baths, home remedies, sex, bleach and sanitizer, and hydroxychoroquine, with key facts.  They also address misconceptions that only urban populations or older people are affected and reassure people about recovery.

Source: Eswatini COVID-19 Mythbusters

    Toolkit for Understanding Lockdown

    This toolkit, available in 10 languages, was developed in collaboration with the Department of Health to inform the public about the regulations for lockdown in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Source: Toolkit for Understanding Lockdown