¡Vacúnate ya contra el COVID y vive calidá! Guatemala Vaccine Campaign May-June 2022

The ¡Vacúnate ya contra el Covid y vive calidá! rural COVID-19 communication campaign was launched in 14 municipalities of Huehuetenango, San Marcos, Quiché, and Alta Verapaz. The campaign materials included TV, print, mobile loudspeaker audio, social media in Spanish as well as radio spots in 6 languages (Spanish, Ixil, Mam, Poqomchi’, Q’eqchi’, and Q’anjob’al). The campaign promoted vaccination among individuals hesitant to get vaccinated, people who need their second dose, pregnant women and nursing mothers, and parents of children aged 12–17 years.

Source: ¡Vacúnate ya contra el COVID y vive calidá! Guatemala Vaccine Campaign May-June 2022

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    “Vacunate Guate” COVID-19 Vaccination Promotion Campaign

    The Breakthrough ACTION Guatemala COVID-19 Prevention Campaign developed materials to promote COVID-19 vaccination by highlighting benefits to people’s social and emotional lives after getting the vaccine and the threat of variants. The campaign is called “Vacunate Guate. ¡Hacelo por ti, hacelo por todos!” or “Get Vaccinated, Guatemala. Do it for yourself, do it for others!

    The print and digital materials include testimonials, radio spots, television spots, posters, social media posts, street banners and public transportation banners. All of the materials are in Spanish with audio materials also in the indigenous languages of Ixil, Mam, Q’echi, Kiche, and Kaqchikel.

    La campaña de prevención de COVID-19 de Breakthrough ACTION Guatemala elaboró materiales para promover la vacunación contra el COVID-19 destacando los beneficios para la vida social y emocional  después de recibir la vacuna y la amenaza de las variantes . La campaña se llama “Vacúnate Guate. Hacelo por ti, hacelo por todos!”

    Los materiales impresos y digitales incluyen testimonios, anuncios de radio, anuncios de televisión, carteles, publicaciones en las redes sociales, pasarelas en la calle y  en transporte público. Todos los materiales están en español con materiales de audio también en las lenguas indígenas de Ixil, Mam, Q’echi, Kiche y Kaqchikel.

    Source: “Vacunate Guate” COVID-19 Vaccination Promotion Campaign

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      Alerta Guatemala COVID-19 Prevention Campaign Materials

      The Alerta Guatemala campaign is a COVID-19 prevention campaign from the Breakthrough ACTION Guatemala team. The campaign emphasizes that COVID-19 is still contagious and dangerous even if one has been vaccinated or previously infected. The prevention methods of distancing, masking and hand washing are highlighted, encouraging people to not let their guard down against COVID-19. The campaign materials include a TV spot, radio spots, print materials and digital/social media (intagram and facebook) materials in Spanish. The radio spots are also in the indigenous languages of Mam, Kaqchikel, Kiche, Q’Anjob’Al, and Keqchi. This campaign was aimed at the general public.

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