Translators without Borders Glossary for COVID-19

Translators without Borders (TWB) is identifying key terminology that people use to talk about COVID-19 as well as commonly-used technical terms to develop a multilingual, plain-language glossary.

The glossary is designed to assist field workers and interpreters engaging with communities to raise awareness about COVID-19. It aims to improve communication between responders and affected communities by providing accurate translations of useful terminology related to the disease outbreak. In the coming weeks, we will keep adding new terms and additional languages to make this glossary far more widely relevant.

Source: Translators without Borders Glossary for COVID-19

    Infographics about COVID-19 in Many Languages

    These infographics were designed through a strategic process led by Harvard Medical Students, Harvard School of Public Health professionals and alumni as well as physicians.

    The infographics designers are now partnering with the Cincinnati Health Department to make more specific infographics.

    Source: Infographics about COVID-19 in Many Languages