COVID-19 Vaccine Audio Spots for Pregnant and Lactating Mothers in Ghana

These are two 60-second audio spots produced by Breakthrough ACTION to increase awareness of the COVID-19 vaccine, and eligibility among pregnant and lactating women. The audio spots are available in English and translated into 16 local languages.

Source: COVID-19 Vaccine Audio Spots for Pregnant and Lactating Mothers in Ghana

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    Comic Strip: Health Care Workers Who Get Vaccinated Are Heroes

    Health workers like you are putting their trust in science, getting the COVID-19 vaccine, and feeling more confident treating patients. You can feel safer at work too.

    Source: Comic Strip: Health Care Workers Who Get Vaccinated Are Heroes

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      COVID-19 Vaccine “Voices” and “Satisfied Clients”. Testimonials Part 2

      I am the last person I expected to catch COVID because I was super careful”, said a renowned music producer and a COVID-19 vaccine advocate in Ghana. These and other influential “Voices for COVID-19 Vaccine and testimonials from “Satisfied Clients” have been produced by the Ghana Health Service with support from Breakthrough ACTION featuring a Market Queen, Market Woman, Religious Leader, Civil Society Organization advocate, leading advocacy to ramp-up demand for, and increase uptake of COVID-19 vaccine in Ghana. The videos have been produced in English and three predominantly spoken local languages in Ghana: Hausa, Ga, and Ewe.

      Source: COVID-19 Vaccine “Voices” and “Satisfied Clients”. Testimonials Part 2

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        COVID-19 Pandemic: How to Shop Safely in the Marketplace

        The arrival of the Coronavirus changed many parts of community life. Your market may even have closed. As a market vendor, you need to stay healthy so the market can remain open so you can sell your goods and your community can access food and products. By following the actions in this video, you can help the market stay open and be an example to your customers on how to stay safe during this pandemic.


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          Translators without Borders Glossary for COVID-19

          Translators without Borders (TWB) is identifying key terminology that people use to talk about COVID-19 as well as commonly-used technical terms to develop a multilingual, plain-language glossary.

          The glossary is designed to assist field workers and interpreters engaging with communities to raise awareness about COVID-19. It aims to improve communication between responders and affected communities by providing accurate translations of useful terminology related to the disease outbreak. In the coming weeks, we will keep adding new terms and additional languages to make this glossary far more widely relevant.

          Source: Translators without Borders Glossary for COVID-19

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            Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria COVID-19 Campaign

            Due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in December 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) had prioritized 13 African countries including Nigeria as the most vulnerable countries for importation of COVID-19.

            Since the confirmation of an index case in the country, the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH), Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and WHO commenced the coordination of a response and preparedness plan. One of the components of the plan is Risk Communication and Community Engagement (RCCE) with an Incident Action Plan (IAP), which articulates communication objectives and illustrative activities proposed by the NCDC. Through partnership and collaboration, Breakthrough ACTION Nigeria will work to support the Nigerian Government and RCCE country-level pillar leadership (currently the Health promotion division of the FMoH, NCDC, WHO and UNICEF) with technical assistance to adapt and contextualize plans, tools, templates, and materials to support the preparedness and/or response activities required by Nigeria.

            Activities/ materials include:

            Audio spots:

            10 (60secs) audio spots on self-isolation for international travelers. In these spots (available in Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Pidgin, and English)  two men/ two women discuss having just returned from travel and the need to stay self-isolated.

            Source: Bros Jay (for men) and Ladies Night (for women) in clip below

            Advance Dial Prompts:

            These are voice messages that users receive after they dial but before their call connects.  They are available in Igbo, Hausa, Pidgin, Yoruba, and English.

            Audio clips:

            Source: Igbo clip

            Source: Hausa clip

            Source: Pidgin clip

            Source: Yoruba clip

            Source: English clip


            Source: SMS Content for #TakeResponsibility Campaign (Igbo script)

            Source: SMS Content for #TakeResponsibility Campaign (Pidgin script)

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