Affiche COVID-19 pour le confection des kakémonos au Niger

Il s’agit d’une affiche conçue dans le cadre de la confection de kits de visibilité (kakémonos et flyers) destinés à la Direction des Immunisations (DI) du ministère de la santé publique du Niger pour la promotion de la vaccination contre la COVID-19.

Source: Affiche COVID-19 pour le confection des kakémonos au Niger

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    COVID-19 Vaccine Promotion Billboard

    This is a COVID-19 Billboard promoting vaccination in Niamey. It explains to local Nigerians that they can choose between one of four available vaccines: Sinopharm, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Sinovac.

    Source: COVID-19 Vaccine Promotion Billboard

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      Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines in Niger

      To raise awareness among the people and debunk the myths related to vaccinations, UNICEF initiated a Covid-19 Vaccination Awareness Campaign in Niger. This drive is being held in collaboration with the Scouts Association.

      Source: Building Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines in Niger

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        Confiance Totale PSAs

        In 2020, Breakthrough ACTION created the Confiance Totale brand and logo to generate trust in and demand for FP methods and services among women of reproductive age in ILN catchment areas.

        Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, WABA developed several Confiance Totale materials in collaboration with service delivery partner Amplify-FP and Ministries of Health. The campaign materials include IUD, injectable, oral contraceptive pill, implant, Standard Days, emergency contraception, and all-methods leaflets and two radio public service announcements (PSAs) in French and local languages that promote having confidence in the safety and efficacy of FP and in health centers and healthcare providers.

        Anticipating limited FP service and method access during COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, and subsequent potential complications tied to unplanned pregnancies and overcrowded and under-stocked health facilities, the WABA team pivoted its Confiance Totale mass media activities at the end of Q2 by drafting scripts for new radio spots. The new PSAs feature adapted calls to action, including:

        • Using this time at home together to discuss birth spacing with your partner
        • Continuing to use FP successfully without going to the health center by using call-in numbers
        • Ensuring you have FP method supplies while sheltering in place and/or during government restrictions on movement to avoid an unwanted pregnancy
        • Using exclusive breastfeeding to avoid unwanted pregnancy (for new moms)
        • Discussing postpartum family planning before going into labor
        • Using a mask and other COVID-19 risk reduction behaviors when going to the health center or pharmacy for FP methods

        Source: Confiance Totale PSAs

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