COVID-19 Mythbusters, Guyana

‘COVID-19 Mythbusters’ are messages developed to counter popular rumous about COVID-19. These rumors were entered into a rumor tracking system.

Source: COVID-19 Mythbusters, Guyana

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    ‘Protecting You, Protecting Us’ COVID-19 Campaign Materials, Guyana

    Breakthrough ACTION Guyana’s ‘Protecting you, Protecting us’ COVID-19 campaign produced a set of materials to inform the public about protection from the virus and to bring to their attention other issues regarding COVID-19.

    Source: ‘Protecting You, Protecting Us’ COVID-19 Campaign Materials, Guyana

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      COVID-19 Facilitator Guide

      The Breakthrough ACTION Guyana COVID-19 Facilitator Guide is a set of cue cards that are used by community facilitators to conduct community meetings or one on one sessions with community members.

      The guide contains simple and important information about COVID-19 and helps the community facilitator in providing accurate information to the community.

      Source: COVID-19 Facilitator Guide

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        Guyana Rumor Tracking

        A COVID rumor tracking system in Guyana created MythBusters materials to successfully provide the public with valid information and promote preventive behaviors, a CCP study finds.

        Source: Guyana Rumor Tracking

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