Evaluation of the WHO Community Engagement Research Initiative

The coronavirus disease (‎COVID-19)‎ pandemic has exposed inequities and service delivery gaps in national and global health systems. These weaknesses reveal the need to reimagine systemic approaches to community engagement, relationship development and trust building in health. The World Health Organization (‎WHO)‎ Regional Office for the Western Pacific led a multi-country Community Engagement Research Initiative to fill critical research gaps and accelerate action in mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on vulnerable populations.

This report offers an evaluation of evaluative action-based research carried out by four country research teams in Cambodia, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Malaysia.

Source: Evaluation of the WHO Community Engagement Research Initiative

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COVID-19 Posters, Cambodia

This resource contains three posters produced to instruct the public in Cambodia about various aspects of living during the COVID-19 pandemic. The posters cover various topics, including: safely breastfeeding when mothers are infected with COVID-19, best practices to avoid infection and transmission, self-isolation, COVID-19 prevention for children, and hand-washing.

Source: COVID-19 Posters, Cambodia

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    Cambodia’s 115 Hotline: Successful COVID-19 Digital Response

    An existing hotline in Cambodia has been scaled up for COVID-19 Digital Response, going from 500-600 calls per day to 18,000 calls on peak days. Roughly 75% of callers access the health education menu and 25% are reporting suspect COVID-19 cases/symptoms.

    Cambodia CDC is using the hotline as a primary first point of contact for all potential COVID-19 cases in the country – surveillance officers have staffed up to answer calls around the clock, screen callers, and direct them to appropriate rapid response teams/contract tracing teams for verification and testing.

    As testing is still very limited, this approach is helping them reduce the overall burden on the health system – trying to give people the education and screening they need remotely.

    Expanding the 115 Hotline has allowed the Cambodian government to efficiently and effectively implement a response to the outbreak in their country.  The ability to respond quickly, and reduce the burden of wasting critical time looking for or developing new solutions is just one of many.

    This article lists several reasons for the success of the hotline.

    Source: Cambodia’s 115 Hotline: Successful COVID-19 Digital Response

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      Children’s and Caretakers’ Animation Series on COVID-19 – Episode 1

      The COVID-19 response under Breakthrough ACTION Cambodia includes a six-episode children’s and caretakers’ animated series aimed at disseminating key COVID-19 messages focused on key behaviors (e.g., handwashing, self-isolation) and prevention of COVID-19.

      This was developed in coordination with UNICEF and approved by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS). This first episode aired in May 2020 and was shared through the Facebook pages of the MoEYS, UNICEF and Save the Children, and broadcasted on several  local TV channels. It is available in Khmer and sign language.

      The series is available on Facebook and YouTube.

      Source: Children’s and Caretakers’ Animation Series on COVID-19 – Episode 1

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