COVID-19 PSAs Zambia: COVID-19, HIV and Me

This is an animated video that takes an empowering look at how people living with HIV in Zambia can manage during COVID-19. Bwalya is a young woman living with HIV in Zambia, she has some key questions as to how she can protect herself from COVID-19. As she visits the clinic and her nurse, she shares what she’s learned.

Source: COVID-19 PSAs Zambia: COVID-19, HIV and Me

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    Seizing the Moment

    UNAIDS report on the global AIDS epidemic shows that 2020 targets will not be met because of deeply unequal success; COVID-19 risks are blowing HIV progress way off course. Missed targets have resulted in 3.5 million more HIV infections and 820,000 more AIDS-related deaths since 2015 than if the world was on track to meet the 2020 targets. In addition, the response could be set back further, by 10 years or more, if the COVID-19 pandemic results in severe disruptions to HIV services.

    Source: Seizing the Moment

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      Fatima talks about COVID-19, HIV and ARVs

      Fatima from Zimbabwe talks about living with HIV during COVID-19. She explains how her treatment and visits to the clinic are affected and what young people living with HIV should do. Africaid and the Ministry of Health and Child Care produced this video to encourage young people living with HIV to take their medication regularly and attend their clinic for ART resupply and check-up despite the impacts of COVID-19. The video is also available in Zimbabwean local languages.


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