COVID-19 Posters, Cambodia

This resource contains three posters produced to instruct the public in Cambodia about various aspects of living during the COVID-19 pandemic. The posters cover various topics, including: safely breastfeeding when mothers are infected with COVID-19, best practices to avoid infection and transmission, self-isolation, COVID-19 prevention for children, and hand-washing.

Source: COVID-19 Posters, Cambodia

    Cambodia Coronavirus IVR Game Script

    This is a script created for an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) COVID-19 game as part of the COVID-19 campaign in Cambodia.

    The IVR script contains questions put to the caller.  The caller receives several options to respond to the question, by pressing numbers on the phone. If the caller answers incorrectly, a negative sound is heard and then the correct answer and more information is supplied. If the caller answers correctly, a positive sound is heard, and more information is supplied.

    Source: Cambodia Coronavirus IVR Game Script