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Recent Resources from Senegal

February 9, 2022

COVID 19 Posters – Senegal


The posters promote vaccination among the general population, pregnant women, health workers and men.These posters were created and produced in support of the government of Senegal, as part of the response to COVID-19, with the support of: UNICEF, WHO, USAID and Breakthrough ACTION.

November 11, 2021

Response to COVID-19, a practical guide for schools

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The development of this practical guide is part of the response to Covid-19 in schools and schools. This work was coordinated by DCMS / MEN, in partnership with SNEIPS / MSAS, Atelier FONS and USAID / Breakthrough Action. This guide, which is intended to be a tool to support the educational community in establishing good attitudes and practices, is made up of three parts.

Vaccination Campaign against COVID – Senegal – September 2021

ChecklistPostersSBC Campaign

This poster was produced in September 2021 in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Promotional materials – Senegal

DashboardSBC Campaign

These promotional materials (t-shirt, Lacoste, Caps, stickers) were produced in September 2021 in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

October 29, 2021

Guide de gestion des rumeurs COVID-19-SN

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Ce document est un guide de gestion des rumeurs durant la campagne contre la COVID-19.

Il est destiné aux techniciens, prestataires de santé et acteurs communautaires pour une meilleure gestion dans l’exécution du plan de communication.

June 1, 2020

Tostan Brochures on COVID-19


Tostan is an organization in Senegal which empowers communities to develop and achieve their vision for the future and inspires large-scale movements leading to dignity for all.The organization has produced two pamphlets about COVID-19.

COVID Behaviors Dashboard

Access timely Senegal-specific COVID Behaviors Data from the COVID 19 Behaviors Dashboard. The dashboard helps to better understand the behavioral drivers behind vaccine uptake, masking, and physical distancing among other behaviors that affect the spread of COVID-19 to be able to develop more responsive and effective programs.

The ease of use of the CCN allows us quick access to various documents produced by the different countries of the project. As part of our activities in Senegal, I used the tools available on the CCN to document myself and see what is being done best in neighbouring countries.

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Association des Journalistes en Santé, Population et Développement
Ministère de al Santé et de l'Action Sociale


Senegal’s COVID response is led by the following partners:

  • Service National de l’Education et de l’Information pour la Santé (SNEIPS)
  • Direction de la Prévention (DP)
  • Centre des Opérations d’Urgence Sanitaire (COUS)
  • Service National d’Hygiène (SNH)
  • Réseau des Organisations Communautaires de base des Acteurs en Santé (ROCBACS)
  • Radios Communautaires

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