Latest Past Events

Student-led initiatives addressing community health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Join us for this webinar where we will hear about an initiative by medical students at Harvard University to create a COVID-19 curriculum, and how students at Imperial College London worked with local schools and communities to address health priorities and local challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Behavioural Science to Combat Mis- and Disinformation

The dissemination of false information, either without deliberate intent (misinformation) or with malicious intention (disinformation), is a growing global issue which can lead to harmful consequences in public discourse. Behavioural science can be applied to combat misinformation by encouraging users to verify the information and sources and discouraging misinformation sharing.

To highlight the potential of Behavioural Science to Combat Mis- and Disinformation, the UN Behavioural Science Group is hosting a public event on Tuesday, 18th January 2022 at 9am ET.

A Third Year of COVID-19: What Will It Take To End the Crisis?

Join us on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022, 5pm-6pm CEST / 11am-12pm ET!

As we enter a third year of COVID-19, join us for an expert panel discussion and moderated Q&A where we will candidly address where we are at in the fight against COVID-19 and what it will take to end the crisis phase of this pandemic this year.