Influencing Risk Perceptions About COVID-19

During COVID-19 individuals have faced real and perceived risks affecting health, family and economy. The public’s perception of risk is often influenced heavily by personal, emotional, social and cultural influences while scientific and medical experts rely on concrete evidence related to severity and prevalence. Between this divide lies risk communication and community engagement response. This […]

Global Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices around COVID-19: A Close-Up Look at the Data

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaped the global public health discourse throughout 2020. With no approved vaccine, combating the virus will take continued commitment to mask wearing and physical distancing to prevent its spread. The just-released KAP COVID Dashboard provides global- and country-specific data on knowledge, attitudes and prevention practices. Based on data from more than 300,000 respondents, the dashboard presents findings via a series of interactive graphics, with accompanying programmatic guidance. This webinar will be in English with simultaneous French interpretation.

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